HELLO DEAR ONLINE KNIGHT ONLINE GAME LOVERS!! MAXKO IS OPENING UP A NEW SERVER. Its all brand new fresh start from scratch with awesome items such as Tier Sword/Dagger/Shield/Mace/Staff and many many more items!!!!. Join us and become part of the Maxko community with over 200 players online!!! The Best KO Server out there!!. Pk in the fierce colony zone as a orc or human and fight for your nation!!!.

Maxko comes back with a new story and new battle, But this time with a great war! Max level 85 and easy, all skills work, events including BF/FT/BDW/WAR works great, Darkness/Tier/Primeval/ Chaos/Hero items, many quests for you to gear up, NO LAG/BUG, no over powered classes, players from all around the world, and friendly GMs. TITAN SERVER IS LIVE AND RUNNING!!!!! Visit our forum for more information.

Taking KO to the MAX!!!!
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