I am a creative self - educating dev and project manager. My goal is to create a friendly and fun community based on the all favored and beloved game - Knight Online. Friendly community in Knight Online can be achieved by introducing a friendly base server and mature administration. The fundamental structure of such a server should focus its attention on a long term schedule of a minimum of 1 year. This means schedule must be planned out and prepared for a year ahead minimum.

Who do we need to start working?

* Experienced Web Dev
* Experienced Programmer C#, Assembly, C++, Lua
* Mature and friendly server Administration, Game Master.
* Passion to create something new
* Honest and sincere people
* Striving to learn more

What will we have to work with?

* Dedicated Machine,(s)
* Source files(12xx)
* Server versions 12xx, 14xx-19xx Soacs server files.
* A sea of freedom of creation whatever.
* Previous experience of the last host of Global-Myko server and the player base that is waiting.

What will each of us end up with?

Equally same share between every participant.

A team of 2 - 50/50
A team of 3 - 30/30/30(preferably)


In the current server production, I see more and more server that focuses its attention on the income rather than the quality of content. The income always will be if people enjoy the time spent in the community they love. I was not able to fulfill this myself due to real life issues. The issues went away and I'm back. I have a job and I treat this project as my hobby rather than another job.

skype: Ilya.Kholodov1