Hello everyone,
selling my project AztecKO (db+client) cuz am going out of my country to work this summer
there is two diferent DBs based on 1299 version ( am using SOACS)
one is all new like on usko (new moradon, cz, krowaz land, darnkes items, valky, gry, baha, wings, UTC wapons, undefeatable...) it is for +10/+3 server
and the other one is old style like myko (old moradon, cz with hill or castle, aredream, undefeatable...) for like +8/+1 but it also can be server +10/+3
i can help with this to make some changes if u want but they are like 80% finished for opening

if u need something like this send me pm here or on some of my FB pages and we can make some deal to test them or what u want