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Selling Very Unique/Custom Knight Online Database, Client, Server

This is a discussion on Selling Very Unique/Custom Knight Online Database, Client, Server within the Private Server Technical Support forums, part of the Private Servers category; I'm looking to sell a completely custom database, client, server files that I spent a very large amount of time ...
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    Default Selling Very Unique/Custom Knight Online Database, Client, Server

    I'm looking to sell a completely custom database, client, server files that I spent a very large amount of time working on. These files are everything you would need to run it and have a very amazing, special Knight Online server.
    Some of you may remember me from awhile ago, and if there's anyone that's been around from the beginning you'll definitely know me. I've come up with a lot of really nice stuff that most servers don't have (or in some cases, no servers anywhere have) But I'm done with Knight Online now, I haven't worked on these files in awhile, and they're just sitting going to waste.
    I'm looking for someone who wants to set up what should be one of the best Knight Online private servers, and it should be someone who knows what they're doing. These files are about 95% finished, there is some work left to be done, though most of it is extra things that aren't totally required to run the server. I'll try and explain whatever needs to be explained, but I'm not going to walk anyone through step by step on how to change this or that, how to edit things, etc. Whoever buys these should at least know somewhat about what they're doing, or should have someone else that can help them with it.
    I've got the only copy of these files. Whoever buys these is free to do whatever they want with the files, run a server, sell them, learn from them, whatever. Anyways, I'll list some of the special details, and post up some screenshots of stuff and anyone interested should definitely check it out.
    If you're interested or have any questions please post here, private message me, or email me at [email protected]

    Thanks for reading,

    - Modchampion

    (Some screenshots are older than others, some things have changed since some of these were taken, and I'm limited to 10 screens, so the rest will just be linked)
    Server Details:
    - MYKO Database base
    I started with just a basic MYKO database, infused my old New Earth Knight Online database, and put in tons and tons of work to make this what it is.

    - Few weeks to max level
    This server was designed to actually require a decent amount of leveling, to actually put in some time to hit max level. Max level is 80.

    - Boosted MYKO drop rates
    The drop rates started at MYKO rates but have all been boosted a decent bit, though a lot of farming is still definitely needed.

    - MYKO anvil rates
    These have been left alone, I feel that the MYKO anvil was tough, but that it was a good thing for the server and the longevity of a server.

    - Hack/Dupe prevention
    All of the publicly available hack and dupe preventions have been applied, in the server files and in the database. All server side protections have been assemblied into the server files, and a live dupe scanner is included.

    - Private Arenas
    I believe only TWKO (Taiwan KO) actually used this feature, but I've included it and they're really awesome. Anyone can go to an npc and setup a private arena (which can even be password protected) to have private duels with people/groups/clans. You can also have people come in and watch the fights from the stands, and it has 3 different arena types. There's more that can be done with this, betting money/items, changing fight types, but they aren't working and I haven't had the time to figure it out. But the arena and fighting works just fine.

    - Rental System
    The rental system has been added in as well. You buy a scroll from Sundries, you put up your item, the scroll, and you choose for how long you want to rent it out and how much you want to charge. Anyone can then come and rent the item, pay the cost (which goes to the user who listed it) and they get to use that item for the set amount of time. The item is dyed yellow while it's being rented and is automatically returned to the original user when the time expires. This is a nice way to make some extra money if you have gear that you don't need at the time, and is a nice way for people who wouldn't normally be able to, get to try out some nice uniques or highly upgraded gear.

    - Enormous Custom Pet System
    I've used a variation of the guardian monster summon system to create an enormous pet system. There's over 130 pets in-game, including one of every available in-game mob/boss, and some extras as well. Any monster you kill has a chance to drop a pet that looks like it. You can also buy a few different types of pets with manner points. Some pets are tradeable, which opens up a whole new market for people to buy/sell/trade, and some are not which makes them more rare, more unique and in some cases forces them to be gotten from the war invasions if you're the opposing nation. The pets work just like the guardian monsters, except they are worth a couple np if you kill them, and they require a rezone to resummon them. I felt that this was the best way from preventing np farming with them, and to keep the CZ from being overrun by pets. There's a lot of pets, some just for fun and some that are really good, some have different skills/attacks they'll use and some have different stats. There's a few grades of pets, and then sub-grades on that. Some of the pets that are gotten can be combined (kind of like accessories) to make them stronger. I'm very proud of this system and it took a lot of time and effort to get working just right. These pets are a lot of fun, and I'm sure people will love having a pet of their favorite monster.

    - Manner Point Shop
    There's a reasonably small, though it'd be easy to add more to it, manner point shop. You can exchange manner points for things like fireworks, bezoars, etc; and also for a few custom pets that aren't available anywhere else.

    - Cure NPC's
    In each CZ town is an npc that when you attack it, it will throw a cure on you. I added this because I always hated having to rezone, or sit and wait, or beg some random priest to cure debuffs. If you don't like these they can be taken out very easily, but I think that it really helps solo pvper's out and is a nice addition to the game.

    - Bandit Guardian Lair
    This is the Felankor cave, but I've put in my own custom boss and guards with unique drops and a custom way to get in. Each party needs a key to be able to enter the BG Lair, and the key is a 100% drop from Isiloon. So for each party that you want to take into the BG Lair, you need to kill Isiloon. This boss is meant to take a lot of people, a lot of coordination, and his drops reflect this. He's got the best gear in the game, including a custom item that goes in the shoulder slot that nothing else uses. This would be a huge challenge for any clan to attempt to kill, and would definitely require a lot of teamwork, and would be a lot of fun.

    - Custom Bosses/Monsters
    Nearly all of the original New Earth Knight Online (my original private server from a very long time ago) have been included in some form into this database. Illumine, Crystaline, Frosty, Tarvos, etc are all there. There's many more bosses and I've spread out all the unique drops from things like Troll King (that had ~15 uniques) to be more fitting and give more of a chance for many people to get unique drops and not just the top 1 or 2 clans. There's a lot of bosses and each boss has 1-4 items, all now scaled based on difficulty. This should make boss hunting a lot more fun, and open it up for a lot more people to get involved in it. There's also more bosses added to the CZ and Elmo/Luf to help spread things out. A couple of the bosses are different, and can't really be killed by physical classes, allowing mages to get more involved in boss hunting. There's also very hard raid-like bosses in the CZ with very nice drops that will require many more people to be able to kill, and should get really interesting since it's in the CZ, though outside the bowl. Some normal monsters, also from original NEKO, have been included as well. Some are just good exp, some good kinah, and some have special drops as well, including tradeable stackable run speed scrolls. Scarecrows have been added to Moradon and Elmorad/Luferson as well for practicing your combo, or testing out new skills.

    - Personal Weapon Quest
    I took this quest, and I left it alone, though I moved it to level 75/80, the way the quest is completed is still the same. What's not the same is the items that are rewarded. Each weapon in this is now 100% completely unique and they have some fantastic bonuses, glows, equip animations and attack effects. Some of the unique bonouses that are on these are unlimited durability, boosted range, mp/hp absorb, weapon defense, attack rate, and negative weight. Each of these weapons also has a unique animation when you put the weapon on, and when you attack with it, they've also got very special glows. These weapons are absolutely amazing and are tradeable which opens up another market and also helps hold the price of the other super unique weapons to a slightly more fair rate.

    - Custom Items/Item Changes
    Pots no longer have any serious weight to them. It seemed like strength build classes had an unfair advantage with how many pots they could hold, and I really thought it was just a waste of time to have to go back and forth between the warehouse every little bit. This should allow people to more continuosly pvp without having to stop and get pots every little bit. The higher grade (past Raptor/Iron Bow/etc) that was originally included in NEKO has been included again, and expanded so that all weapon types have a new grade. Armor is the same and Elf Chitin is the new top grade, just the same as it was in NEKO. The stat requirements on Priest Chitin Shell and Elf Chitin have been slightly lowered so that they're more feasible to wear. Two alternative Elf Chitins have been included (Purified and Corrupted) and are the same stats, but different skins (white and black) These are meant to be really rare alternatives for the already geared players to shoot for just to look all the more powerful.

    - Custom Skills/Class Changes
    This is by far what I've spent most of my time and work doing on this database. Some of the class tabs (like explore rogue and defensive warrior) have been completely reworked to be viable to put the majority of skill points in. All tabs have brand new skills, and have all of the bi-frost skills that work with 1298 files as well. Some old skills have been changed or moved as well, malice was moved higher level, group cure was moved to the heal tab, and some other changes as well. Here's a list of some of the brand new skills and a brief description:

    75 Fire - Fail-safe attack
    75 Ice - Fail-safe attack
    80 Ice - AoE Root
    75 Lightning - Fail-safe attack
    80 Lightning - Group MP heal - Costs hp
    15 Master - Poison blade attack - absorbs hp
    20 Master - Poison aoe attack - absorbs hp

    50 Defense - Pulls an enemy to you
    65 Defense - Pulls an enemy to you - requires shield, extended range
    70 Defense - Heal - Costs your own hp to use - requires shield
    75 Defense - Attack - requires shield
    80 Defense - Attack and stun - requires shield
    15 Master - AoE attack
    20 Master - AoE scream
    20 Berserk - Attack
    30 Berserk - Restore
    35 Berserk - Dex and Str buff
    55 Berserk - Attack
    70 Berserk - Attack
    75 Berserk - HP, Str, and Dex buff
    80 Berserk - Powerful attack - longer cooldown

    65 Assassin - Attack speed buff - castable on party members
    72 Assassin - Powerful attack
    76 Assassin - Dex buff - self buff only
    78 Assassin - Attack speed buff - self buff only
    80 Assassin - Attack buff - self buff only
    60 Explorer - Stealth
    70 Explorer - Teleport and attack enemy
    75 Explorer - Ranged attack
    78 Explorer - Basic hide - castable on party members
    80 Explorer - Stealth and attack buff - can cast while running
    15 Master - 200% Speed buff

    70 Heal - Big heal and cure
    75 Heal - HP buff
    80 Heal - Big heal - instant cast
    80 Heal - Big heal and cure
    65 Buff - Party magic attack power buff
    70 Buff - Party attack power buff
    76 Buff - Elemental resist buff
    80 Buff - Defense buff - un-debuffable
    68 Debuff - Aoe Rezz - 0 stones, no exp recovery
    75 Debuff - Ranged attack
    78 Debuff - Rezz - 100 stones, 100% exp recovery
    15 Master - 20% Exp buff

    (Tons of skills have been edited, changed, moved, and reworked, this is just some of the brand new ones that have been added.)

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    Very very nice stuff you got there

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    Wow, I was really surprised by the private arena/pet system.
    Nice job on the skills too.
    Hopefully whoever buys these files knows what they're doing and release an amazing server with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kgllegend View Post
    Wow, I was really surprised by the private arena/pet system.
    Nice job on the skills too.
    Hopefully whoever buys these files knows what they're doing and release an amazing server with it.
    probably wont but yeah i agree hopefully

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    Damn somone needs to put up a server worth playin :/ somone that knows their shit needa put this up

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    i messaged him about buying these files and he hasnt replied...

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    Sorry about that, had some real life issues come up that I had to deal with. Please drop me an email if still interested.

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    Dayum that's a good server... Someone should release it soon

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    want a job at mgame?

    great stuff

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    Bump for an extreme case of "DO WANT!"

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    Hell of a database .
    I realy dont know why you selling this, you can make a very good private server (if you know how to advirtise it).
    Anyways nice one.

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    LoL it can be really gg server

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    Before I even pm you, what would you take as a serious offer. Give me a window here.

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    Good job Mod, just as good as I remember when I used to be in your staff in my younger days of KO development. I'm glad to see the years hasn't changed your ability to keep on making KO interesting, you always were talented at that.

    Whoever buys this guys files should consider themself(s) lucky.


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