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MMOPRO-WOW Cata & Wotlk [Community]

This is a discussion on MMOPRO-WOW Cata & Wotlk [Community] within the WOW Private Servers forums, part of the World Of Warcraft category; Big opening,for my server world of warcraft WOTLK 3.3.5 & Cata 4.3.4 Fully Scripted !! Come in large numbers. We ...
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    Default MMOPRO-WOW Cata & Wotlk [Community]

    Big opening,for my server world of warcraft WOTLK 3.3.5 & Cata 4.3.4 Fully Scripted !!
    Come in large numbers. We accept character recovery from another server!

    Why a private server?
    Because I do not like the new version of wow.
    A game system that you never see before on private server.

    Solo RAID and DG.(They scale for the number of ppl in your group)é
    Rate: x20
    Start with BOA items
    Come back in the pass! And kill the lich king again!

    Blizzlike with Hight Rate: x12
    Come enjoy the destruction of the world
    Fully scripted as a private server can be.
    We use Emucoach VIP 9.1 Repack!

    We got the most beautiful website made by Project CMS!An authentic server like in the past with little extras!Invite your friend and receive 20 shop points!Without counting that we have a friendly community.Come test everything is FREE!
    MMoPro-Wow | Home
    Good game to all!

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    This private mmorpg server give you donation for playing

    How this private server give you donation for playing ?
    We let you farm gold in-game and make you change it for donation points on the website.

    Why its free ?

    We are a community of some players from private mmorpg server, we are completly crazy about the early world of warcraft extensions.

    We make this server the more blizzlike possible, with some little extra.

    The rate are little high, we talk about x20. Because we know that you dont want to waist your time leveling.

    You love world of warcraft and other mmorpg private servers.

    Keep in mind that we use some quality repack from big mmorpg community, like and

    What repack we use ?

    We use single players project 3.3.5 v10 for the wotlk so you can do solo dongeons and raid.

    But dont forget you have to install the little modded menu to join the server, you can find it in the client forum session.

    For the 4.3.4 we use the vip 9.1 from emucoach,

    Every update that they make we are going to add it to the server.

    Enjoy a cataclysm 4.3.4 server fully support by a big community.

    In conclusion?

    Mmopro-wow server is the main leader for a good frendly community that you always want.

    We got people from canada, france, usa and more.

    come to the deepholm we got murloc to kill.

    Hope, you will love the expension we provide you like we love it, the new world of warcraft is becoming to much for us.

    Enjoy Your Stay!

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