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mmm some quick questions[To GM's]

This is a discussion on mmm some quick questions[To GM's] within the KO4life Private Server Area forums, part of the Private Servers category; Originally from: Originally Posted by SuperGhost If you think I am flaming then you need to get yourself a ...
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    Default mmm some quick questions[To GM's]

    Originally from: My curiousity about Anti-cheat system.

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperGhost
    If you think I am flaming then you need to get yourself a reality check, mate. Unfortunately due to immense amount of idiotic topics that are created by certain members, this is the only language they understand.

    If Eric didn't reply you back then there is a high chance that your ban was in order and he simply doesn't want to waste his time with you.

    We will not be releasing any information on anti-cheating system regarding to how it detects/works/ect; however, I can tell you that quiet a few people were banned thanks to it (and no, there were not false positives). I am locking this thread, and should we decide to disclose any information, we will do so.

    Note: I should also say that if you are getting disconnected at the character selection screen, it may not mean that you are banned (although there is a high chance). We've seen cases where an account gets bugged and causes that issue, always double check with a GM to see if you are actually banned or your account is bugged.
    i think he made a thread of ban appeal , im sure that i didnt use anycheat or play unfair , i dont even need it and alot of ppl that know me can vouch it(they call me to ko4life) if he wont "WASTE" his time , why he made that thread there is no sense if he dont have time to answer that thread.

    i could understand that since i was a moderator of a big forums (i wont reveal the name), but there is xxxx ways to make the ppl get a brain,insult is not needed tho , well it would take xxxx hours to argue about it and i wont.

    srry if i was rude ,
    The Unknowed o_0

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    So you were moderator of a "big" forum, yet you still haven't learned how to use the PM system? Interesting....



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