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Question concerning closed ports

This is a discussion on Question concerning closed ports within the KO4life Private Server Area forums, part of the Private Servers category; I got a small problem when trying to log onto online games from my university network, since they blocked the ...
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    Default Question concerning closed ports

    I got a small problem when trying to log onto online games from my university network, since they blocked the ports u need to play mmorpgs and download torrents and such for security.

    So my questions to anyone out here are:

    is there a free way to bypass the blocked ports in order to play ko4life KO?
    will it cause lag if im able to bypass the ports?
    and how simple/hard will it be to bypass them?

    Thanks in advance


    P.S.: if you intend to increase your postcount or just try to be an 'oracle of wisdom' by stating that i should be studying in university and not playing online games or that you find me a lowlife for trying to play a game i like.. please just get out then, i asked for an opinion on whether it is possible or not. I didn't ask if it would be morally acceptable to play Knight Online during my off-time in college.

    i still think i can decide what's good for me and what's not, and i think 2 hours of pleasant recreation isn't that bad... so please, just leave if you don't want to post anything relative

    and lol, my postscriptum is longer than the actual message -.-

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    there is ways of force opening ports,
    but I wouldt do it.
    Remember, all school networks has IT Techs looking at the logs.
    they will notice when a port the network dont "usually" use, is being used.
    u might get banned from the school ISP, so no. I advice u not to tamper with public internet services

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    Thx for the quick reply, but the issue has been solved

    turns out the IT guys at my university are like 20-30 years old, so they understood i wanted to open certain ports for online gaming ^^
    wouldn't be surprised if some of them played wow lol

    anyways, now i just need to know what ports KO uses ^^
    15100 and/or 15001, right?


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