As Topic Titles Says: I sell my lvl 80 (5%) Rogue all skill are unlocked and 70 and 80 quest done alrdy (burned both)
It Comes with 12gb and some good Items:

Undeff Raum +7
CHD +5 Reb
Enion Bow +7 (for exp)
Chitin Helmet +7 reb
Chitin Pauldron +5 reb
Chitin Pads +5 reb
Krowaz Gauntels +7
Krowaz Boots +7
Dual Old Rols
Old Se
Howling Rooster +0
Amu Of Dex +1
Iron Belt +0
Old Warrior Pendant

There are alot usefull items On INN also 1 War premium left!

PM Me with offers Or Leave a Post !!!!!!