selling 74lvl and 50% human female rogue archer
side char slots are free
account with 13 days exp premium (expiration 24.12.2011)
account with 343 N points (PUS)

valkyrie set 6%exp 24.12.2011 (expiration)
dual pathos gloves rogue attack 28.12.2011 (expiration)
pet with autoloot 26.12.2011 (expiration)
golden fishing rod 24.12.2011 (expiration)

3x quest bows with 110/65, 107/65, 104/65 ap/ele
unique quest armor set Cool-Headed King (+7 shells 10dex, hp, mp, resist)
accessories set Cool-Headed King
old Agility Neck, old Elf Belt, dual old Elf Rings, old Elf Metal Earring
swift holy quest armors 4x (hp quest shells)
magic shield scrolls
10m igc for repairs, repots
some junks in inn
70lvl personal item destroyed

70+ skills not unlocked

i have all info (email, secrets, etc) and i am only owner of the account

i want only 2x DC premium + 1x EXP premium