Rogue chitin set+9 c /o ?
Rogue krowaz gaunt +7RB c/o ?
rogue krowaz boot8 c/o?
rogue krowaz pad +8 c/o?
rogue krowaz helmet +8 c/o?
rogue shell +11 pauldron c/o?
Mirage dagger+18RB c/o?
Moonlight+7norb c/o?
Weapon breaker+9norb c/o?
Chitin bow+15rb!! c/o?

Ring of life+2 c/o?
Ring og life+1 x2 c/o?
Legionnaire band+1 c/o?
Elf ring+2 c/o?
Elf ring+1 c/o?
elf ring+0 x2 c/o?
Iron set x2 c/o?
silver earing+2 c/o?
Elf belt+3 c/o?
howling rooster+2 c/o?
howling rooster+1 c/o?
amulet of dex+2 c/o?
Warrior pendant+1 c/o?

Gab adamant+7norb c/o?

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