Lvl: 81 at 10%
Class: Mage (Stated as ice/light. also all skill unlocked)
Race: El Morad
NP: 67,xxx
Side Char(s):59 mage(ice/light 25,xxx NP) also a 59 Rogue (Sin 5,xxx NP)
Clan: N/A
Gear: Krowaz set Rev+1 with Dual old Shio's old Flame ring and Old EP (Lvl 70 Personal Burned Lvl 80 Personal +0)
Bonus's: 59mage has 1 on it, and 59 sin has 14 MS on it.


Lvl: Prefered a 70+ char.(will take a 60-69 if decent Np and gear?)
Class: Any
Race: Prefered Human, But will take orc.
NP: Does not matter (would like a decent amount though)
Side Char(s): Do not matter either.
Clan: Also Does Not matter.
Gear: atleast the basic +7's chit/shell does not matter.(example: lvl 75 warrior chit7 set with ii7/rappy7 and +0/1's unquies or full olds)
Bonus's: None.

will Take GB's also.