Info about account:

- Lvl 70 skill is unlocked!
- Orc nation
- Has a few days of xp prem left
- Lvl 73 and 65%
- 45k nps
- Not a bad name overall:P

Items sealed on acc:

- Shard+1 reverse
- Pd+6

- 2x old rol
- Old Skelly
- 2x Old eme
- Old WP
- Lvl 70 fll quest shells
- Valkrie set with defence
- 2x Pathos glove attack on mage
- Fishing item

Abit kc on the acc, not much thoughxD

Looking for a ORC warrior 73+ with items worthy as my rouge items if not ill concider higher lvl of warrior ofcourse, or gbs including the account, well you know what i mean the trade should be balanced with the items!