Hello all

I'm selling my account or items for USD via PAYPAL only!

Accounts main character:
Class: Rogue
NPS: 105k+


Valkyrie Set

Undefeatable Raum +9
Personal Dagger +9
Cold-Hearted Daggers +9 (x2)

Unique Jewelry (ROGUE)
Iron Set +3 (Iron Necklace & Iron Belt)
Howling Rooster +3 (x2)
Legionnaire Band +3 (x2)
Ring Of Life +3 (x2)
Elf-Metal Earring (x2)

Unique Jewelry (WARRIOR)
Ring Of Courage +3 (x2)
Platinum Earring +3 (x2)


I'm looking for $30 for all this, or feel free to PM with your offer. NOTE: I am NOT accepting items on other servers