Hi,i'm trading this account in Toxicko for either USD ,or OldSchoolKO kronos items:
Account has 3 chars,Angelic is the main char BP ,and side chars mage and archer
Main char has 67.5k NPs ,and in the 1st ranked clan in server,has the following FULL items:
BP sword -Burning sword +8
Darkness Sword +8
Valkyre set
5x Ring of Felankor +1
In +1, GB +1
CE +2,WE +2
Toxic medal HP
HB +8
belt of STR +2
Fulitol +8,2x molok +8
Gabs +8,CS +8,SS +8
EP +2 (Elemental pendant)
and some more crap in INN ,PM offer me USD or OSKO items ,and ima give my MSN in PM .