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Archer Question

This is a discussion on Archer Question within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; u basically can do 800% tank dmg (with no sliders), against 700% range, so ask urself now if archer tank ...
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    u basically can do 800% tank dmg (with no sliders), against 700% range, so ask urself now if archer tank dmg is any big deal now.
    with AS combo ( like it was b4, no cooldown) u did a LOT more dmg than just a 2 arrows more, it was a lot faster aswell, this have nothin to do with this silly 5 + 3 arrow combo.
    LOL back
    edited: this counts for regular cz ofc, not dz / ardream[/b]

    About the " it was a lot faster.." i desagree.
    Being spammable or not..the 2nd time u used 5 arrows ( let's suppose u can spam AS) depended on how faster u could cancel the 1st 5 arrow animation.
    Considering that 3arrow is can it be slower then the old combo? If it's slower, it can be only at the 2nd cycle ( when after 5+3 ...5 arrows isn't yet recharged)

    Then, 3 arrows uses only 40 mana point...that's fuking low mana then any other skill. So even if u miss it all, hell...u simply smoked 40 mana that's nothing.
    --> less less potting trouble.

    Then again, i have to say i could pk in the new expansion ( with AS cooldown ) just for less then 1 week tnx to a friend that gave me his account. - before, i used to play in the old ke.. then i quitted -

    And i simply found that combo amazing. No one could stand infront of me when i used that combo (5+3). No one.
    Death, town, tp away or slide.

    Still an amazing dmg...maybe tnx to my gear, maybe tnx to a bow with an high elem. dmg as an enion bow, maybe tnx to styx too.
    But again i found it amazing and really powerfull.

    Anyway..peace and love.

    <3 legit archers ^^

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    yea archer combo is still sick, and if ppl slide then just combo wit dp or ice arrow em, and thx for reply&#39;s ^^

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