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Ardream Archer item build ....

This is a discussion on Ardream Archer item build .... within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Oke i have a lwl 59 archer whit +8 fp set. What next to buy ? my budget is 8 ...
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    Oke i have a lwl 59 archer whit +8 fp set. What next to buy ? my budget is 8 gb. I dont even have a bow yet so keep that in mind.

    Persenoly i was thinking of chitin bow +7 ( in c-west where my car is they cost 4 gb ) but i dont know how it compares to a ib +7 ?!?

    well i am not very experianced whit archers so plz help me.

    I am looking for jewels and bow and advice on whats best chitin ore fp ( sinse fp +8 and chitin +7 cost about the same ).

    Hope hearing from you soon,

    yours sinsirly.

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    This may work for your little budget but I am unsure of the exact prices for these things.

    Horn Crossbow+9/90 (With Weapon Enhance)
    Rogue Chitin Helmet+7/15 DD (or +6/13)
    Rogue Chitin Pauldren+7/12
    Rogue Chitin Pads+7/12
    Rogue Fp Gauntlets+8/15
    Rogue Fp Boots+8/15
    Warrior Pendant+0
    Dual 12Dex/1Hp Earrings
    12Dex/1Hp Belt
    Quest Rings
    AC Valk Helm
    HP Valk Armor

    You could try to go after Foverins later on when you get richer since Mage Bifrost Rings are very rare and expensive... Unless Rols cost less than Foverins on Cwest?

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    dont think of chitinbow its waste of money

    if u want to be archer u need more ap

    go for
    ib +7 / +8
    full fp +8 set
    kekuri ring +2/+3
    elfbelt +0/+1 or pure dex belt
    dex 12/ 1 hp or dex 16/ 3hp

    u will be apple to kill rogue priest mage so they cant run

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    yeah chitin bow is a waste of money.........


    Iron Bow +7/70 or +1/70

    then go for pp+0

    then i would say go for rogue earring........donno how much they cost atm but u should be able to afford atleast 1 and 2 would be awsome

    then the rest go for quest juwelery.

    also try buy a dd helm +1 and up to +6 since that will help u alt as a archer

    gl mate

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    imo with that low budget you should just try and make a ks rogue. just stay back and try and just spam high damage and run from anything that gets near :P

    id stick with the fp+8 set ib+7 and just deck out with max dex. pp, and then a bunch of 12/1 dex accessories.

    from there with more money later go for rols, then eb, rogue earsings (mana is not as much an issue for bow rogues since they cant mh while attacking, so eme are not as important), se's, or 16/3 earings.

    if you want to be able to take some hits, id go with chitin7 pauldron pads helm, fp8 boots guants like metalkon said.

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    I used to have a bp before this and i quited that becous its just so hard to stay alive. Thats not something i want to have whit this rouge.

    I am thinking of metalkon,s idee about the armor but in c-west +9 hrn crossbows are very rare. and warrior pendants cost pritty mutch. what if i buy the armor a ib +7 and a Priest pendant that leaves me 3 gb for othere jewels ... dual kekuri + 0 and 1 rouge earing ?

    Plz give me your opinion !!!

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    buy enion bow+7 and black dragon necklace +1 for start

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    PP, Judicius, HxB +9.

    and just fyi chitin bow on lets say a paper dcz rogue is exelent.

    1800mana >1400 mana

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    Sell your fp and get some plate armor +7-8. Stat for it too. Get a IB +7, PP, Kek rings, and +9 dex earings or SEs. Also for the belt there really isnt any good ones for your low budget.


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