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ardream BP build .

This is a discussion on ardream BP build . within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Hey guys , what's your best build for a bp in dcz with 40-45gbs ....
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    Default ardream BP build .

    Hey guys , what's your best build for a bp in dcz with 40-45gbs .

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    a bad one D:

    paper8 str/hp set 3gb
    paper dd helm +3/4/5/6 - idk but lets say 7gb
    dual old pe - 60m
    old skelly - 2gb
    wp1 - 13gb
    dual old roc - 6gb
    hb7 - 12gb
    dread7 - 7gb

    thats 50gb right there. so you will have to lose something, maybe change wp1 to old wp idk.

    thats about the best its going to get you can prob change a few things around to get the stats to your liking, but if you try to increase something else your going to lose stats in another...

    your not going to do good unless you have around 800ac and 1800+ ap. and of course hp/mana should be like 3k+ and 2.5k+. i dont know what those stats do for you..but im pretty sure its going to take alot more to do good.

    id suggest going int priest or even warrior. you will do much better with a small budget.


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