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Ardream DCZ C-West Mage

This is a discussion on Ardream DCZ C-West Mage within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; My Gear: Oasis +7 Crimson +7 +6 DD Helm Old EP 2 x Old Shios Skelly Belt 2x SSE I ...
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    Default Ardream DCZ C-West Mage

    My Gear:
    Oasis +7
    Crimson +7
    +6 DD Helm
    Old EP
    2 x Old Shios
    Skelly Belt
    2x SSE

    I wont have much money left over so thats my gear.
    Will i survive in ardream c-west or will i just be a 1 hitter?
    And im currently lvl 47 with
    160 Intel for crimson
    107 MP and 1 into str for ss
    As i level to 59 should i add some into MP or into HP?

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    without debuff you will be fine.

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    you definitely won't be a one hitter. eventually I would work on upgrading your EP as well as your Shio's.

    at 59 if you don't plan on upgrading your gear there is nothing wrong with dumping points into HP if you plan on playing permanent support

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    yea u wont be a 1 hit for sure, ull actually tank if not duffed, i'd put those stat points into mp tho, coz if u put them into hp ( which isnt really needed ), ull end up blading 150's with old shios,wont kill anything and then u might get bored, so gogo 160 int 143 mp, ull blade 250+ and it might be fun gl.


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