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Ardream Warrior

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    Default Ardream Warrior

    Close topic please
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    So many duffers running around, pretty hard to solo without a priest or a rogue.
    What is your budget on your gear?

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    Yeh a budget wuld b great, bt if ur not experienced as a warrior nd goin to solo wit priest nd rogue, thn u wnt to look at more uniques such as +1's or higher nd weapons +8 or even +9 if you can find and armour +8 wuld do you cn find those items except +9 weapon sellin in merchant around marad so yeh, but usually warriors accesories wuld go:
    we or pe (earrings)
    in or wp (necklace)
    ib or shash of sorrows or string of skulls (belt)
    roc's (rings)

    weapon wise:
    or even duals such as totamic, hs, lugias, murky
    raptor, unless u have +9 bec you wuld hav to wear fp nd u need fp+9 to compensate 4 the loss in defence.

    chitin+8 or +9
    unless u have raptor.

    So yeh i wouldnt go raptor unless u have gg items to compensate 4 the loss in defence nd have at least +9 fp, so my opinion dnt go 4 the raptor nd jst go 4 hb nd hav chitin, uniques jst depends i wuldnt go iron set bec usually becomes more usefull later. so yeh kinda all depends on ur budget as well. =] hit me wit a budget nd ill try get bak to ya


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