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Assassin skill bar / combo

This is a discussion on Assassin skill bar / combo within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Well this is my skill bar right now: F2: 1: LF 2:spike 3:thrust 4: pierce 5:cut 6:mp 7:hp 8:MH F3: ...
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    Default Assassin skill bar / combo

    Well this is my skill bar right now:

    F2: 1: LF 2:spike 3:thrust 4: pierce 5:cut 6:mp 7:hp 8:MH
    F3: 1: LF 2:shock 3:jab 4:stab2 5:stab 6:mp 7:hp 8:MH

    LF - light feet
    MH- minor heal

    My problem is that when i use this after using all the skills i have to wait a bit for one to refresh. is there a skill bar that does continuous skills?

    Also i know this has probably been asked a million times:

    Which combos are there? I'm currently using skill r r

    Is the skill w r combo, or what ever it is, better?

    When to use which combo, and why?

    How do you stop a priest healing?

    Thanks in Advance.

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    ill tell you my skill bar i used to use (went archer caus i got bored)
    this is based on lvl 55-69
    1 lf 2 spike 3 thurst 4 stab2 5 cut 6 hp pot 7 mh 8 soul
    1cure 2 wolf 3 lup 4 stealth 5 swift (magic shield at 60+) 6/7/8 hp/mh/soul
    1 lf 2 shock 3 jab 4 pierce 5 stab 6/7/8 hp/mh/soul
    on lvl 55-59: 1 lf 2 10%drain 3 5%drain 4 safety 5 evade 6/7/8 hp/mh/soul
    on lvl 69: 1lf 2 10%drain 3 evade 4 scaled skin 5 safety 6/7/8 hp/mh/soul
    at 62+ i had swift and 5%drain on F5

    im using F1/F3 as attack pages caus its easier to switch that way for me, but i gues that depends on your keyboard.

    im having stab2 and cut on 4/5 of first page caus they load fast and that way you can do a so called "12hit combo" (12hits including 1 spike, untill spike is loaded again) and you dont have to wait some time for 1 of the skills as you said (prolly cut in my experiance)

    now about the combo's for vses:

    there are quite a few:

    the 1 i mainly use in sin vs sin is skill-rr-skill-rr-skill etc etc
    sin vs archer: skill-s-r-skill-s-r-skill-s-r-skill etc etc
    other combo's:

    hold W and dont let it go press r and just go through your skills 1 by 1 like:
    "hold w" r 2-3-4-5- page change- 2-3-4-5
    i personaly dont like this caus its harder to get the right timing imo
    peeps say its the best combo caus you got no motion of skills at all, wich should improve the minor healing... BS, just spam harder

    another one is: press r 1 time and go like: skill-e-skill-e-skill-e etc etc
    i dont like this 1 caus i keep messing up e with r wich ends up messing your combo big times
    lots of gg sins used it though

    than there is skill-w-r-skill-w-r-skill-w-r etc etc
    just another random combo

    now bout combo's in pk situations:

    canceling heals:
    the last combo i mentioned is the one i use to cancel heals, but its hard to time right and you wont have full attack speed (as in using as many skills in short amount of time)
    throw in the skill-w-r when a priests is in the very first part of the healing motion. as i said, hard to time caus you got to be quick, but works pretty good.

    chasing combo:
    in this situation i combinate 2 combo's the "hold w combo" and the "double r combo"
    hold up hold up w and press r, so you non stop follow your opponent and stay near him.
    when you stick up to him use skill-rr-skill-rr-skill-rr etc etc DONT STOP PRESSING W.
    peeps who played sin before prolly have noticed that when you chase an enemy and he turns around its like he speed hacks away from you due to visual lag. to prevent this just start spamming rrrrrrrrr when you see he turns around.

    i hope this helped you abit:P
    pm me on forums if you want to know anything else, or if you play c-west pm me on whiskey4me or pritstift
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    i guess you could try throwing in a stroke when waiting for skills to recharge, buts its like 70% dmg and acts like a warrior skill so it just messed my combo up. I would say just wait for the recharge, or slow down just a little so you dont have to pause.

    skill w r is my favorite combo, its just most natural for me, and alot of warriors like to use sr combo against sins to make their skills miss and wr counters that. To cancel priest heals I prefer using skill rr, but ur combo buttons dont matter that much for heal cancels its just about timing it right.

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    you have to wait cause your skills are in a bad line.
    f1: lf, spike, thrust, pierce, stab2 etc.
    f2: lf, cut, stab, shock, jab etc.
    try out this one, i think u won't have to wait anymore
    about combo, i was usually using skill-r-r for vs-es
    for pk i was using skill-r-r while holding W and for heal cancel the best was skill-w-r for me! but its very personal with assassins. everything depends on which combo you like, or which is familiar.

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    stroke, lol. has such a random name.

    like wtf stroke? are u gonna pet the other guy or wat lol


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