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Avedon+7 vs Raptor+8 vs II+8

This is a discussion on Avedon+7 vs Raptor+8 vs II+8 within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Hey guys i am lvl 80 warrior on diez and i want to know what is better, ii+8, raptor+8 or ...
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    Hey guys i am lvl 80 warrior on diez and i want to know what is better, ii+8, raptor+8 or avedon+7

    i heard that the iis R hits fails alot, more than raptor and avedon

    Pls dont come with replys like RAPTOR FTW!!! or II IS SEXY!!! i want oppinions from expereciensed ppl and dont tell me to get weapons like avedon+8 or raptor+9 cuz i dont have that money

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

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    First my friend, use search next time, its like the 10000000 time this have been asked.

    Second, In my opinion Raptor+8 > II+8 > Avedon +7. Why ?

    I had the same question like a year ago and i tested btw raptor +8, II+8 from a friend BP, Avedon +7 mine, Giga +8 from another friend and HB+7 (mine). I tested everywhere, dummies, arena, Cz and i did a lot of friendly Vs to test them, and that was my conclusion. Raptor +8 have a big range, big dammage in most of the targets (not everyone is running with spear def on 100% of the time), and its the best weapon for experience. II+8 is almost as good as the Rappy+8 and its a club (if u care about spear def) and if It fails or not alot the "R" attacks depends on the speed you r tring to combo, every weapon has his Own "timing" to make the combo work perfectly. Avedon+7 is good weapon but it hits a little less than any of the previous ones and has another problem... "Range", u r not gonna give that last hit u need to kill those rogues or mages when they r trying to run away, but in general is a really good weapon (as a matter of fact Avedon+7 is my backup weapon). some ppl would say ... what about the HP/MP bonus?, and as u may know, as a warrior lvl 80+ u should have at least 6K+ Hp and 5800+ Mana (base), so 200 more HP/MP is not That important for us.

    PD: Plz dont come again with..... Raptor is very slow and avedon is slow, all skills have the same speed no matter what weapon u r using, and the "R" attacks speed difference per minute is not gonna b bigger than 2 attacks per minute, and when in the hell are u gonna b attacking the same Guy in CZ more than 30 or 40 secs.


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