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BP Ardream / DCZ

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    Default BP Ardream / DCZ

    Hi Im A Level 59 BattlePriest And Need Some Help....

    I Want to go Duff/Heal but Don't know how much Points to put On Duff and Heal
    So how many Points do I put in Duff & how many in to Heal?

    My Gear Is Following:
    Iron Impact +7 (+1 Reb)
    Fabric Set +7 (HP)
    Fabric Set +7 (STR)
    Old Warrior Pendant
    Old Diamond Rings x2
    Old Warrior Earrings x2
    Old Bronze Belt
    Dread Shield +7

    Should I change any of my gear, because most items on Edana are cheap...
    Should I make Talia Armor for DD( if there is)?
    How should I Set My Skillbar?

    If I'm missing anything Please Inform Me Here and Thanks for your Advice

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    Hi anticepator,

    A paper character is always expensive due they obviously must use some good jewelry to give that defense you are losing because the lack of int stats points to use fp or chitins, that is the price to pay for more strength.

    Use skill points duff until torment and rest for heal.

    If you want solo as bp and with those items is kind hard to tank 2 or 3 spikes from rogues in a row, remember the paper character is the first target that any enemy looks to defeat at first place.

    At least frabric set +8, i think the iron impact +7 is fine for ardream.

    Try to make duo with rogue, you can get some good actions in duo party with someone else that can give you support like cure curse and minor while you duff people

    That was a modest advice.


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    Ok thanks bro but at level 59 I have 100 Points to put in Duff or Heal and if I put 45 in Heal I can't get Torment so Should i jsut get torment and leave 1920 heal?

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    Being honest with you a real duffer has all the point to get the torment, that is in case you want to be solo, if you want to get the 45 points to heal you will be more support than duffer since a real one has a torment on debuff skills, but it is up to you

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    okay listen.

    because you are a bp and your mana is probably pretty low for a priest i suggest you dont go full heal.

    i would recomend 45 duff for para/malice and 45 heal for 1920 heal. but because you have leftover stats and putting them in duff gets you no might aswell put them in heal. so you will be 45 duff/55 heal.

    you need to remember that complete heal costs alot of mana and should only be used when playing support or when your in a tough spot fending off multiple or well geared opponents.

    as far as gear.. your a 1 hit to basically anyone at the moment

    faric +7 str/hp - get a set of +8 for both str and hp also try to get a paper dd helm +5/6/7 they are a bit pricy because they dont drop anymore. talias cannot be made anymore so they are rare, especially dd.

    dual we - change 1 or both out for plat earings, you will need this extra defence.
    dual diamond rings - change for old rocs or fovs, the extra ac/hp and resists is very helpful
    old wp - this is perfect, make this the first unique you upgrade to +1. also once affordable change to iron neck, the more weap def the better off you will be.
    bronze belt - its a great starter belt, but when affordable upgrade to string of skulls, and eventually get to glass belt (helps increase mana) or iron belt.
    dread7 - perfect.

    ii7 - its a great weap but once affordable switch to hb+7, it will increase your mana and also it will allow you to deal alot more damage, especially noticebly on high defence chars. hb7 damage is comparable to ii8 if not better.

    gl hope that helped.

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    you better go warrior or hp/int priest with this budget.. you ll be easy target no matter what skills you me


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