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bp help lvl 77

This is a discussion on bp help lvl 77 within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; ok so im not rich, going to have about 30 gb to spend, and dont know the best build for ...
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    yourbestis myworst

    Default bp help lvl 77

    ok so im not rich, going to have about 30 gb to spend, and dont know the best build for bp and if this build is going to suit my budget. Need help with which jewlerry armours and weapons, and what stat build to go also, i am not playing this build to pk, i just want abit more fun, bdw and ed etc but when no1 is around being able to solo monsters get abit of killing done
    any help would be greatly appreciated thanks,
    also i forgot to mention c-west
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    HB+7/II+8 with chitin+7/+8
    get dual Fov with dual Lillme a WP+1 with skelly/kek belt

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    yourbestis myworst


    ok guys so i need a more definate answer with build and stats for that build,
    i have looked in so many posts and still i cant seem to find the best choice for me,
    again thanks for the help

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    If you go chitin build, go for 174 int (or 172 if +7) rest str. Simple as that^^

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    bp is good men suport is better

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    No clue for prices on cwest but,
    on ares with that same budget is:
    Krowaz set +6
    Foverin/rol | Roc/rol
    skeleton belt
    warrior earrings/liliimes
    smite 7
    elemental pendant or white dragon necklace
    and a dread shield 7 IF you dont already have a personal shield 5 -6 -7

    that's good enough to keep you alive if you're a good priest and when you want to attack you'll have sufficient ac and hp not to get caught with your hands down your pants while trying to throw a shield on as quick as possible. Also, attacking with a smite is actually not bad, on ares I use a mean Leonar +7 and I have like 1400 ap, it's perfect in party pk and i can throw my 80 restores and just help drop the sins and mages quick.

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    Try to get krowaz , no way u can handle with chitins.... krowaz rules .For a low budget i could support Accursed for some stuff , but i always like to make some balance so i would go lets say krowaz set as well , warrior pendant , ske belt/string of skull , foverin/hero's valor , dual lili , but depend what u like to be , more ap/less def or more def/less ap so it's up to u

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    Krowaz set +6: Krowaz bonus rule chitin armors anytime (10 gbs)
    HB +7 or II +8: best choice for low cost weapons (10 gbs)
    Dual Lillimes: best BP earrings (2 gbs/each)
    Old WP: (40m)
    Old roc: (2 gbs)
    Old rol: not sure about the price
    Foverin: (2 gbs)
    Old Skeleton belt (90m)
    Dread shield +7 if you don't have personnal shield

    These are average price, you can always find cheaper than that if you are patient enough.


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