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BP lvl 75

This is a discussion on BP lvl 75 within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; hi guys i need some help cuz i gonna try bp im lvl 75 need help with: -armors -weapon -skill/stat ...
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    hi guys
    i need some help cuz i gonna try bp im lvl 75
    need help with:

    -skill/stat points

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    You have to say your budget, if you are rich, poor or what ever and if you have PS or things like that

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    please use SEARCH, i know its redundent, but this has been answered NUMEROUS times lol

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    get lvl 80 set+9 g1 str armor rol +2 rol +1 dual lillms +3 (+2) i.n glass belt and.. that is all i guess
    ofc ur undy set
    just like me

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    lets assume when u said "try bp" u mean paper bp...

    just go for mostly warrior uniques, with a few exceptions, and paper +8/9 armour STR.

    -WE/LE(lilime)/SSE/PE (although not that recommended... since paper BP need resists, WE and LE are the best choices)
    -WP, EP, IN
    -Skele, Iron, Glass, String of Skulls
    -Roc, Rol, Rof, LB (legionnaire band, it doesnt give str, but gives really good resistances, recommended to have at least 1 LB unless u dont mind mages slowin and stunnin ur ass all the time)

    Weapon: just use good sword or club, the best of your budget

    -Iron impact
    -Mirage sword
    -(the new 2h sword... forgot name)

    -Stat points
    -stat points are really opinionized.. since some people want ALL attack and they pump 255 str and rest HP, some want more balanced and lets say 220-240 STR, rest HP, while a few might want think HP is the most important and probably go 200-220 STR and rest HP...

    -Skill points.

    -err are u buffer, or duffer (healer isnt recommended for paper BP since low mana pool.....)
    -buffer: 3 malice, and 60 buff, rest heal, and 12 masters........ (make sure u have at least 45 in heal.. if u cant get 45 in heal, ditch the 3 malice)
    -Debuff: 70 duff, 12 masters, rest heal....... (make sure u have 45 in heal again, if not then maybe ditch the subside)


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