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Bp weapon for 70+

This is a discussion on Bp weapon for 70+ within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Well i have a dilema about my weapon, actually m just using II +8, which is nto great and i ...
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    Default Bp weapon for 70+

    Well i have a dilema about my weapon, actually m just using II +8, which is nto great and i thought about 3 new weapons.

    1. Chaos wirinum - 179/100 ap, 7 str, curse effect

    2. Hell breaker +8 - 181/155 ap, 20 int

    3. Mirage sword +9 - 191/90 ap

    The prices are like 70gb for chaos, 55-60 for hb or ms.

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    chaos wirinom ofcourse ... im using it on warrior :P

    effective range same as raptor 2.0 and normal speed, makes this weapon best choice for bp
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    ive used

    +7 wirinom
    +8 wirinom
    +9 ms
    +8 hb

    i currently use the wirinom +8 and an hb +8 (for a switch if sum1 wares sword :O)

    out of ALL 3 of your choices,

    MS = hardest damage dealer, its ap is high and comes in handy when pplz are dbed, its a noticable difference between a wirnom +7 and the ms for damage difference.
    HB = give u more mana, so it could come in handy for that extra hit needed ( which it does make a huge difference, adds like 600 + mana for me), and high elemental ( rocks, and makes up for its lower ap), also i like the look of this combo w/ a club compared to a sword.
    Wirinom = skill (chaos pwnz the shit outta ppl), and 2.0 range which comes in handy for those ppl that run, and its a HUGE notice of a difference when ur not use 2 using a 2.0 weapon range before on a PRIEST as it is the ONLY weapon that allows this option

    in the end, its YOUR CHOICE, ive used them all, and each 1 of them are GOOD CHOICES, it just comes down to what YOU PREFER, based on the benefits. and in time, if you like switching weapons constanly, do it, i do its gets boring doing the SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN each day...

    lastly i hope ur focused on lvling or atleast 80 +, it makes a huge, wait let me make it clearer HUGE difference in pk as a bp

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    Hah i know that the level is very important, im trying to get 75+ asap

    Btw i decided to keep ii +8 and some uniqs for now and when i get some higher lvls and when i will go pk more often ill try to find something


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