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Cardboard light mage ardream

This is a discussion on Cardboard light mage ardream within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Originally Posted by lFilthy ya i think mage ears would be good.. i was a cardboard ice mage in ardy. ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lFilthy View Post
    ya i think mage ears would be good..

    i was a cardboard ice mage in ardy. and honestly.
    i wear a ss+7 instead of dread7 only need 11str instead of 30 and i had 112int/120mp/71str/rest into HP.
    same build an such. 8oasis shio2's linen8 hpset mage ear3/2 glassbelt and IN without paper dd
    honestly i tried my build with SS+7 and 112int/118mp/71str/rest HP. and then switched to dread7. my dmg didnt change. it was still ranged from 300-450 per blade.
    so even if u didnt have a sheild and just went 112int/full MP your dmg isnt really different. i was cardboard to crimson and i did the same dmg. went full MP both ways and still same DMG
    i just prefered my build with the HP so i can take hits and still do dmg. instead of thinking im doing more dmg and still dying..

    and BTW you stun ratio is based on the more int. and their resist. rogues in ardy easy stun/ice and hella dmg with flame on them specially FP rogues. warriors have that defence stuff that adds their resist and mages also with resist. so stuning as cardboard is still a decent chance to stun but you'll stun more being a crimson build.

    sorry, mage earrings are terrible...especially for the might as well use old WE's or old SSE....
    also, stun isnt based on used to be wayyyyy back in the day...but they changed it...
    outside of gear, MP statted determines your damage...the higher your mp, the higher your damage....not sure what you were doing to not see a different between full mp build and crimson....but theres a HUGE difference

    lastly....with 118mp, oasis8 and shio2s, there is no way in hell you were blading even close to 450....ever....

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    I think im going to go with this build its kinda fun already and i love the tankyness (if thats a word) and attack also

    lvl 59

    crimson robe +9
    rest crimson +8
    dual imir +3
    iron set
    dual mage ears +2
    90 into str for dread +7
    now the part im not so sure of should i get chaotic +8/+9 or Light Erinion +8/9 any experienc ewith these two staffs as far as dmg and stun plsss help!!! LOL

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