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CZ mage

This is a discussion on CZ mage within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Welll I have a level 63 mage. I'm going to eventually make it a CZ mage. I want a damage ...
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    Default CZ mage

    Welll I have a level 63 mage. I'm going to eventually make it a CZ mage. I want a damage mage, so I'm fire and I want to rock people's buttholes as much as possible. I have an Rlb priest so I want to be able to trade off the earringsl. This is what I have for my magem so far:

    Armor: Set of Full plate +8 with health bonus
    Staff: Hell blood +8
    Belt: Skeleton Belt +0
    Necklace: Iron Necklace +0
    Earrings: Dual bronze earrings +2
    Rings: Dual flame rings +0

    Is there anything I should do besides get more flame rings?? I was thinking maybe going paper? Is this a good idea? Thanks for the advice.

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    I would try getting the defense parts like crystal dd25 and such as you didn't name those, while they are pretty important. Also try upgrading the skelly to a glass/iron belt if you have the money. Paper may not be very good for cz pk on ares as people hit very hard. Unless you role in big mage party's (with factor or so).

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    did he say that he plays ares?

    paper is worth going 80+ if u have a fulitol and gg items... don't think that crystals are good idea unless you play old server with fp defs ...

    skele -> glass/iron
    IN -> EP +2/3 imo
    Earrings are ok, unless you need more resists, then get some LKP


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