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DCZ Priest build / items

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    Default DCZ Priest build / items

    Okay, i'm going to make a db priest.

    I need to know some gear, stat points & prices

    Armor / Gear :

    Priest FP+9
    Old rol / rol+1
    Lycaon hammer+7

    Stat points :

    Enough for armor etc... Rest hp?

    Prices :

    Lycaon +7

    Is this a good build? what can i buy better? Thanks.

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    Ofcourse only enough for armour and the rest HP.

    And you either go Torment/960 or 1920/Para, I haven't tried 1920 before cus i used to be a BP so i didn't have that much HP anyways so the 960 was good enough, that's why i loved torment. Right now i restated to 90 str, 76 int and full HP (basically not a BP anymore), and got like 4k hp unbuffed, so it might be a good idea to get 1920 if you got that much hp.

    I would personally take an IB over a GB. You are going to be having enough mana and also 20 ac > 50 hp. And whenever you can afford more, the next things you're gonna need to upgrade are your rings, preferably the old rol.

    And what server? btw if you want price checks you're gonna need 50 posts.
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    Yep, i know, it's at C-west ofc

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    atm im stated similar. but chitin8 build.

    chit8 pauld,pads,boots
    chit7 dd helm
    chit7 gaunts (getting +8 gaunts takes forever O_O might settle for fp9)
    iron set
    dual roms+2
    dread7 (i am also working on +8 dread )
    ac valk/pathos

    scrolled i have 4k hp, 1500 ac, and like 100+ of each resist. only thing i rlly need to work on is my hp i think. which i will start to work on after ds8

    fp9 is a good idea as far as hp...but i dont think you will be able to use chitin dd helm +6/7. that is a huge set back in ardream cause of all the rogues.

    but with the gear you have youll prob have around 4300 hp, 1450 ac 125+ resist all. hope that helps you can plug your gear in kok for more accurate results.

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    Your build is good, as far as skills here would be my advice. Both are great and fun to play.

    Tormnet / 960 - can be a challange if you're the only preist, cause ur dropping torment, maybe para, and curing and using 960...and sometimes u have to spam it more than 2 x + to fill there hp bar.

    Para / 1920 - no torment...(great skill in dcz), with 1920 usually 1 heal will get someone out of danger. then ur off doing something else. Could be easier if you find urself the only priest a lot.

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    Depends totally on your clan members/people you party with

    If you got good support rogues and ap whores in your party id definitly go with torment, 1920s good when your party is gettin pressured heaps.

    So yeah just decide what you like more

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    if youre in clan parties with a dedicated healer, go torment for sure...
    if youre counted on to solely heal and db, then go 1920


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