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Descent Build for DCZ

This is a discussion on Descent Build for DCZ within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; From what I remember reading, cleave is a dex-based warrior I was curious if anyone has tried a 45 ...
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    From what I remember reading, cleave is a dex-based warrior I was curious if anyone has tried a 45 attack and 5x def build for descent...

    If so, was it a good build to have or was it a waste and going 57 attack and 4x def be better

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    no matter how much dex you have even with skele belt, cleave will almost always fail on rogues (9 fail / 10 hits), all other classes you can hit with cleave but rogues you must hit with non-fail skills

    with 45 in attack the only 100% skill you get is prick (lol i love that name and when u use it in info box it says: Using Prick)

    i bet its fun, get a rogue friend and jump-surprise mages, but since dcz is packed with sins cleave sucks imo

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    never heard of this, but i bet for shitz and gigglez you could try it but does'nt seem too logical for long term..

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    I had a lot of fun when I tried it, but reskilled after a couple of days. I had better rates than the 10% hit rate kerber suggested, but I was using a lugias and a 1h giga when I tried out this build. I would suggest trying it, it's a nice change from the monotony of playing a warrior in ardream, but only really useful if you're gonna always be in organized parties with your clan.

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    As Jolly said, it's really a fun build, especially in parties.

    When you can easily follow you Archers or Assassins in your party, it opens up more possibilities.

    Example of good Descent uses
    - Use Descent to follow them to reach the Warder/Keeper faster
    - Use Descent to, again, follow them to reach a running opponent. Take advantage of their light feet and when you get close to your opponent, leg cut away.
    - Big group chasing you, use the rogue in your party to Descent on him to go faster.

    Cleave doesn't fail as much as everybody says but of course, it's not a viable skill. If your thinking of using this build, make sure you have a really strong weapon to make up for the lack of chance to hit. I had a Raptor +8 reduced/Chitin set +8/High Strength Accessories when I tried this build and it worked well. Had something like 1.9k AP.

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    having only cleave blows, got 57 attack, make a second skill bar with cleave on it and switch back and forth depending on what ur attacking

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    A friend of mine was going to try that setup( that we can call "DO-W = Dex oriented Warrior" )equipping a lugi+impact foves, pp and or wp and elf belt. ( i dont remember atm the + of that jewels...i think all+1 at least)
    All that uniques gives a nice dex bonus and a decent str value.
    I'll let you know how much often cleaver will fail.

    P.s. that warrior is not his main char...and he got that items and not flame

    p.s2: About doesn't make sence. i mean Warriror = STR no?! In ardream mainly..but..ehi never played warrior so i may be wrong


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