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Elemental vs AP

This is a discussion on Elemental vs AP within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; i tried to attack in pk with spells (nova - thorn - impact), and i did not notice the dmg ...
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    i tried to attack in pk with spells (nova - thorn - impact), and i did not notice the dmg from double flame rings +0, i hit same with or without, is it normal?

    also i tested with/without staff, and the damage difference is not worth it i guess, since is 100dmg max of diference...

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    kreuk, 100 more damage is allot...

    think if u had +3s ?

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    Elemental damage should be disregarded because it tells you nothing, it varies from staff to staff. No one knows how AP/elemental truly affects what spells because theres no trend that's obvious. But what i have noticed and many people notice is different staffs do better. Lycaon +8 as paper in dcz will staff less than scorching 8 or hellblood+8 but it will hit very hard with single target spells, implying its mp that has the big affect on single target/aoe spells. For 80+ chaotic/scorching/oasis obviously hit for not as much but the difference between the damage on a scorching8 and a fulitol7 is not what youd think. Scorching staffs for maybe 30 less and novas/single targets for 100 less at most. For 11 ap difference that is hardly much. An elixir9 hits same as cursed staffs because it does not have hidden unique item bonus (unique weapons hit harder with lower ap). Cursed staffs really do not hit as hard as their ap and elemental says and a lot of people say combo with them is weird. Bifrost staffs perform the best in my opinion, a hellblood+8 will staff for the same and nova/single target for the same as a fulitol, even though 15 elemental less. Elemental on bifrost staffs is low but it doesnt show in damage. So its all about the staffs i think, elemental and ap seem to work differently on each. bifrost staffs > ed staffs > cursed staffs

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    I've tested in this new expansion the mage AP vs elemental. Looks like alot has changed from the time of ROFD/FF. The results I've got were limited, as I did not have much to work with,... so nothing is conclusive with what I'm writing here, but it seems about right.

    For staffing people you mostly rely on the AP of the staff along with the MP you have put in, into your character.

    For skill-wise damages, it TOTALLY relys on the AP of the staff. MP you have stated hardly shows *MUCH of a difference unlike when you are looking at the staff skills... but there is still some difference nonetheless.

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    i think , the mage tanke is perfect with a party melees

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