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EUKO - Gear up a warior

This is a discussion on EUKO - Gear up a warior within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; what is the best gear for a warior level 80 / atm its naked . and how much worth for ...
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    Default EUKO - Gear up a warior

    what is the best gear for a warior level 80 / atm its naked .
    and how much worth for the total .

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    id say

    Chitins +8 ~ 100-120m each ( the quest shells are fine too )
    dual warrior earring or platinum earrings or sicret silver earrings ( depends of your play ) ~2-3m each ( old ones )
    dual old Ring Of Courage or Foverins +1 ~ 15-17m for each old ROC and ~200m for each Foverin +1
    Iron Belt ~650m
    Iron Necklace ~20gb
    for weapons the marcket is pretty poor , there is 1 Avedon +8 for around 25-30gb, rest are Raptor +8 for ~900-950m, Iron Impact +8 ~620-650m, Hell Breaker +7 ~450-500m , Avedon +7 ~600-700m, Lugias +7 ~300-350m, Hanguk +7 ~100m , Spear Of Murky Watters +7 ~ 250m ( depends of your choise )

    If you need a shield Dread Shield are now available but still high price +0 is min 90m,

    There are very few +1 these days since its breaks alot when you upgrade for +1, thats why i preffer old items over the normal ones.

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