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Fire or Ice? rbl, cash matters!!

This is a discussion on Fire or Ice? rbl, cash matters!! within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Hi everyone, I have been thinking for so long and asked a couple of people in game as well but ...
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    Question Fire or Ice? rbl, cash matters!!

    Hi everyone,

    I have been thinking for so long and asked a couple of people in game as well but still I need help of experienced players, especially mages.

    Im building a mage, currently 61, will be 69 and aim rbl in Olympia for some time. I made up my mind and definitely will go 160 int with +8 Complete Set. I can say that I definitely prefer fire however its all the prices that matters.

    The question is actually simple. Forget about other accessories, they are determined and decided what matters here is I do not want a support mage. I aim for damage however with this cash of mine I can either afford +8 Garp and dual +2 Shio Tears OR +8 Scourging Staff and dual +1 Flame rings. The question is which one?

    I tested my cousin's mage, and I noticed rings make too much damage difference, so I thought +2 shios can be better than +1 flames even with ice damage on. I would love to have +2 flames and +8 hell blood but +2 flames are like 13 gb each or even more in Olympia and +8 Hell blood is over 20-25 gb which is a ridiculous price, whereas +8 garp is below 10gb and +2 shios are 300-400m. So if i go fire I can only afford +8 scourging staff which i thought is the best staff to buy after +8 Hell blood.

    So forum, consider flame and ice damage difference is not too high, with equipments they might balance out, and consider only damage not dagger defense or anything, but at the same time please dont suggest a paper mage to me. Which one for damage.

    Please dont think about only one skill or one situation, consider a full pk inside rbl.

    If you think the question is put out in a complicated way, I would like to make it easy and clear.

    Element: Ice, Gear : +8 Garp and dual +2 Shio Tears -- Skills to test -- Frost Nova, Frost Impact, Ice Staff.
    Element: Fire, Gear: +8 Scourging Staff and dual +1 Flame rings -- Skills to test -- Fire Nova, Fire Impact, Fire Staff.

    Which skills individually and maybe overall hit more. If you want you can assume numbers like with specified gear: Frost Nova 500-600, Fire Nova 600-700 (just an example).

    Thank you.
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    Well since your aimed at damages, I would say for higher tier spells such as impact,thorn,

    nova, fire is the way to go as there is a higher capacity of damage per spell the critical

    damage ratio can be very nice on rogues. Your damage as flame, however would probably be

    highly unstable due to the fact that flame resistance is the most popular and easily attained

    of the three. For example on a rogue with perhaps 30 fr you might dish out close to 900ish

    damages with thorn and whatnot at level 69. On a well geared warrior though your damage

    could drop down into the 600s. Ice with the items you have listed would have far more stable

    damages. Three reasons for this being: the garp has higher attack power then a scorching

    staff, shio tears would be at a higher + along side the higher attack, and lastly that ice resist

    is often neglected to integrated via accessories into characters although this last part is

    basically assumption for your server :P. The higher attack on the garp and higher elemental

    on shios should result in higher damages for your lower tier spells and blade skill as when

    compared to flame. The only real lower tier spell that stands out for usage would probably

    your 18 skill in this case "solid".

    All in all I would think it comes more so down to whether or not you prefer sacrificing some

    spell damage for more blade and 18 skill damage or vice versa. Although ice is nice for

    slowing everyone down, the exclusion of thorn to heal your hp is quite a pain although in

    many cases well worth the sacrifice .

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    ice build. its the best imo.
    garp 8 and shios2 just own all (staff combo)

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    I know you said forget about other accessories but

    having crimson +8 would be cheaper and way enough (if you have trouble, switch to ss0)

    you seems to want to go for pure damage and avoid being a support mage
    go fire all the way (also, in a big fight, people that are getting consinuously spammed with ice and dont die, they usually town because they feel they cant do nothing else than getting iced and getting banged later on)

    with the money you can save, maybe you could have a deal for frs+2 or even hb8 ?

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    dude, ice rapes; it feels good to know the people you ice are getting pissed off ....and its good damage

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    ill tell you this if you want higher criticals go for fire but like they said before ice will be more stable and is so useful dmg wont be much different because of the gear you said but nothing frustates more than being slowed down constantly.

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    bump -- well guys thanks for all your helpful ideas, but but i was to choose the element aimed at staff skill wouldn't I choose lightning with an elysium or something, I mean I dont really care about slow down or just stability, I want high damage, and I dont quite know what you meant by stable damage, if there will be constant stable damage with ice but still lower than fire's non-critical and one of the low considered damages, why would I care about stability? and if we think of staff attack, like any other attacks, even with lower gear than ice, wouldnt staff attack hit more or same with fire? Dont get me wrong, Im not criticizing your comments or anything, Im just saying :S

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    Well, referring back to the stability of ice with the items you listed vs fire you would probably out-damage flame spell damage on a well geared

    warrior since most of the accessories are aim at fire resistance, but for the most part your damage from flame spells would outdo the ice spell

    damage. The blade attack (not staff) however should outperform fire blade in terms of damage almost 100% of the time with the items you

    listed.The other higher damaging ice skill would be "solid" the level 18 dot ( damage over time) skill. Solid should outperform ignition with the

    items you listed fairly easily and would be a great asset in taking down bosses which now melees hit for extraordinarily low damage.

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    Fire Half =)

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    What stats you planing to anyway full mp or balanced hp. I would go for Ice IMO cuz of the slow and cheapnes. Shios 300-400 you sayd. In time you could afford even going +3 with shios. + You could save up maybe for oasis (DD) quick switch with assassins.

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    If you go with trusty kankas ice is okay. However it comes down to impact and blade as your main attack skills. No killing from far and once they are are hitting on your head with a hb+8 you`re finished. So if you want to scare them away you will miss thorn and pillar badly.

    IŽd try fire with garp and one flamering and one rol/rom/legband- its elemental is low anyways.

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    RLB & damage means u have to be fire.

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    for rlb need a fire cuz its more dammage attack


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