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full heal priest?

This is a discussion on full heal priest? within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; i have a buffer currently, its my sub that i play when needed. but was curious to see if a ...
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    Default full heal priest?

    i have a buffer currently, its my sub that i play when needed. but was curious to see if a full heal build would be effective. It would essentially be a Heal/Duff with only 57 in duff. this would give me:

    80: heal

    6000 hp over 20 sec to whole party (which is 300 per second)

    2500 individual heal with 3000 over 20 sec after (150 per second)

    57: duff

    torment ( area malice)
    i could skill 3 more points for single target attack power duff

    i think the extra healing capability would be worth lack of subside.
    but then again that is a pretty powerful skill. just thinking out loud here. let me know what u think

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    Full heal is nice tho I think subside will help your party more then a 350 heal would.. But if you play with a clan and already got a duffer it can be good.

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    IMO full healer is only good against mage parties or when you got debuffer (subside) and buffer already in your party.

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    priest full heal is very good in party with buffy and debuffy ::

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