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getting a mage

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    hi all
    i wanna go play a mage but its been 2 years for me since the last time i logged 1 so i need some help here.

    i play on beramus and right now i have a priest with the following items: dual lillime +0, dual roc+0, wp+1, skeleton belt, ms+8
    tier 1 25dd helmet and 4 parts tier 1 +9/19 str
    and i have like 2 gb's

    my question... what kind of mage build can i get with items like these? (same price range)
    and what items can i keep? and what else should i get

    all suggestions are welcome.. paper fire or int glacier / stun i dont care
    i just need to know everything, so i can find out what build would be the best for me

    ps. im looking for a 77+ mage

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    It would help a lot if u could say us price checks on Bera for :
    Cleric Earring
    Secret Silver Earring
    White Silver Earring
    Flame ring
    Shio Tears
    Imir ring
    Glass belt
    Iron belt
    Elemental Pendant+0 / 1/ 2
    Crystal / Crimson / Complete parts +8
    Elixir Staff+8
    Oasis / Scorching / Chaotic staff +7/+8
    Hell Blood / Elysium / Garp +7/8
    Tier 3/4 DD 25 helmet .

    If u can quote this and answer us and also can u calculate how much gb's u would have if u sell ur items , so ppl can figure out build u want , cause this way only ppl from ur server can answer because rest have no clue about prices .

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    cant find the right price of all those items

    lets just pretend that i can afford +0 uniques and +8 crimson

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    With +0 uniques its not really good to go flame .. cause for dmg u need nice staff and flame rings at least at +1 .
    With crimsons +8 / elysium+7/ dual imir+0(+1 would be really helpfull ) / ep+1(EP+2 or IN preferable ) / sse+0 / ce+0 ( or dual CE+0/1) / glass+0 ( last solution would be keeping skelly) .. u should do pretty nice stun . Other build should be glacier support . Get Ge+7 .. jewels can remain same .. mp for staff .. pump rest into hp .. or go with 110 mp / 90 str ( for Dread shield ) and get some hammer (lycaon would be choice #1) and switch to staff when u blade ppl .. For that build I would go with ROLs / ROMs as rings .. or if u wanna attack build .. pump ur mp to decent rate .. get oasis staff +7/8 and shios+1/2.


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