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going bp

This is a discussion on going bp within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; here is my lil priest: kinda like the stats (for a lvl 63 that is) but theres 1 lil problem,, ...
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    here is my lil priest:

    kinda like the stats (for a lvl 63 that is)

    but theres 1 lil problem,, int priests are not my thing, so i was thinking bout going bp :huh:
    i can keep most of my items (dual LE, wp, string,LB.....and mano ring xD)
    i also have an ii+7 and i can switch the chitins for str armors +8
    so if i just sell my lycaon hammer+6 i could buy a good 1h weapon and maybe a better ring/dd shield
    1 of my main problems is DD tho, i cant buy the 25dd (64int) so should i buy the 10dd or get 102int? or just get no dd cap?
    i know ill get raped in cz but i wont pk in cz till im higher lvl
    for now ill just do bdw and some RLB, maybe some solo xp (i can never find parties cuz my lvl is way too low, this is another reason why int sux in my case)

    so please tell me, is it a good idea to go for bp, if so,, what items and such

    thanks a lott

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    Havent tested Tier 2 in RLB, If u go for Tier 1 (Paper), make sure u have dd cap at least 10 dd (+3 rare one..) or fight sins with 1h weapon + 32 or 40dd shield.
    Sell lycaon +6, buy +7 hangouk and use the rest of gb to maybe buy a ROC or ROL
    Dont go RLB till 67+ I guess.

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    If you only plan on going PK in RLB and BDW, go T2.

    You can use DD Helmet, Lycaon Hammer and enough str for wep
    You COULD just go support T2 in BDW, orcs would never kill you

    I went G2 full HP had like 4k hp duffed or something (dd helmet, wep shield, spear boots / gaunts) + massive + 10% wep reductions awwww porr orcs couldn't kill me :P


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