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help with skill build plz

This is a discussion on help with skill build plz within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; ok lvl 69 fire mage, got 60 in fire 45 ice, 2 master, when im 70 gna put 10 into ...
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    Default help with skill build plz

    ok lvl 69 fire mage, got 60 in fire 45 ice, 2 master, when im 70 gna put 10 into fire for 70, but what after that?
    thanks for all the help in advance, much appreicated.

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    well depends on how much u wna pay for reskills and if ur fully concentrating on exping or mixing it with pk.

    option 1 : max out fire ,45 ice, rest master all the way => + : cheap since u dont reskill until 80, u can pk whilst ur expin, blizzard for icing, damage decreases and AP you will wna reskill at 80 tho=> blizz is useful but not the best option

    option 2 : reskill at 74 to 70 fire and 60 ice : very nice for expin and nova towns, but real pk is kinda excluded and u dont get absolute power and damage decreases until 75 and 77 with no fire armor( rogues can eat ya)+ reskill needed at 74 and 80

    option 3 : put fire until 75, put master until 15, rest in ice : triple main nova, damage decreases, ap.... so very nice for low leveled pk, good for exp but no ice until levl 77

    option 4: max out fire and master, rest ice =>okay for exp and will be desirable pk build

    there are probably more options but im not to focused due to exams, if anyone feels like correctin me or adding something, feel free to do so since i will probably have made mistakes considering my present state^^


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