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ice rate

This is a discussion on ice rate within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; forgive me if theres already like 6 topics like this, but what makes for best ice rate? in regards to ...
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    Default ice rate

    forgive me if theres already like 6 topics like this, but what makes for best ice rate?

    in regards to AOEs, or really just anything that isnt the blade attack, Does staff AP help more or elemental?

    and what about blading?

    get back to me, thanks

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    i'd like to know as well

    back then, i was told that int affects the period someone gets slowed(more int = longer slow period) and to use glacier enrion for better slow rate

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    The slow rate is the same. The matter of the fact is 'how' to slow the enemy. I've heard having a lot of intelligence helps with the slow rate. But also it depends on the opponent's glacier resistance. Low resistance = greater slow rate

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    idk if it is my server, edana, but hardly any high lvl people slow from ice anymore. Either all have high resist now, or there is some other way they dont get iced.

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    Higher intelligence is a myth iv tried that and it didnt make any difference. The main factor is ap, go for a staff with higher ap such as garps or moloks and you should see your ice rate increase.
    As for aoe's frost nova freezes way more than ice storm so instantly magic on frost nova should ice quite well. Higher elemental damage as far as i know doesnt increase the ice rate, it only ups your damage delt.
    Also comet and frost bite are really good skills both i found to have the highest freeze rate as well as duration.


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