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II +3 rev or HB+7 ?

This is a discussion on II +3 rev or HB+7 ? within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; as topic says II +3 rev or HB+7 HB+7 is round 16gb and II+3 rev 6 - 8gb. or what ...
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    as topic says

    II +3 rev or HB+7

    HB+7 is round 16gb and II+3 rev 6 - 8gb.

    or what about a mirage sword +8 or is it the wrong choice for a lvl 72 bp?

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    well first off, what uniques are you using? because if u are already using pretty good uniques, then i would definately go for the hellbreaker +7. But if you culd still improve on your uniques without spending a fortune, then definately get the II +3 rebirth or MS +8.

    MS +8 is good for BP but the only downside is it requires a lot of STR, meaning that u wouldnt be able to go chitin BP or FP BP until higher lvls, and it wouldnt be good if u wanted to be a chitin BP thats more support than attack (i know a chitin BP that had just enough str and int for armors, and all rest points into HP so that he got pretty darn good HP) But the advantages of a MS is that its a sword and sword defence isnt taht common (for exmaple the skeleton belt doesnt have sword def)

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    my gear: Fullplate + 8 str and hp set
    earring: 2 x Lillimes
    rings: ROC/Legionnaire
    belt: glassbelt
    pendant: warrior pendant

    does mirage sword boost up my ap, or do just the club weapons boost up a priests ap?

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    I'm stated a bit different than you but i just recently traded my ii +3 rb and some coin for an hb +7 and have been really happy with it. Granted i'm paper so the extra bit of mana was very helpful for me, while as fp build you probably have plenty of mana so it might not be as a big a deal. What's your ap with the ii? I lost 66 ap when i went with the hb but i didn't notice a large difference in my damages (either positive or negative). To be honest i probably would try for an ii +8 if i was an fp bp but that's up to you.



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