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This is a discussion on Illusion.... within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; well i play a archer and be being mostly dex and no weapon def of any kind i cant really ...
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    well i play a archer and be being mostly dex and no weapon def of any kind i cant really tank well so if u try to 1 vs 1 i will use blinding and styx u, its skills put in the game ppl come on, what about warriors who shock stun or scream u[/b]
    When i have VS sinnis you have shot me whith your bow ZZZZZ noob

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    I think buffs, heals, duffs, legcut, scream, blooding, schock stun, stun arrow, ice arrow, cures, DOTs, Novas, lightning/ice staff hits, beast hiding, critical point, and blinding all nub skills...
    They give unfair advantage, and using them makes u noob because you can't kill them without it.


    How the hell is using a skill nooby again?

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    So the only thing VS is based on your gear? Well if your opponent over gearing you by far use illusion cuz run/town/die & got tped are n00bish anyway.
    Btw don't be angry when a n00bie rogue with rental shells +7/shards +7 using illusion against you. Ofc ur not using illusion when you can win without it.

    The only n00bish thing in this game community is babashop iron belt +3.

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    It is not nooby. I even use drains before i vs and take off 20% of their hp before he reaches me. IMO use all ur skills to ur advantage

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