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Int Priest Ares Server

This is a discussion on Int Priest Ares Server within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; I know there is a lot of room for improvement, but would I at least be able to enjoy myself ...
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    Default Int Priest Ares Server

    I know there is a lot of room for improvement, but would I at least be able to enjoy myself in CZ pvp with this build?

    Priest lvl 80 Buff Heal

    krowaz set +7
    Adaga +7
    Ruahue +8
    Glass Belt +2
    Iron Neck +1
    Cleric Earrings +3 (dual)
    Rings Of Magic +3 (dual)

    As a second question, what build items would you upgrade first?


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    As in attack? No. Not even close man. You will do 300-450 damage with full debuff to everyone with decent gear for that server.

    I used dual wse 3 glass 2, dual plat ring 3, aog 3, ruahue 8, and hit a max of 1k to mages on Europa. My average damage on the server with full debuff is maybe 500-600.

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    not even close.
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    might need more gear

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    I was thinking that build would be for tanking.

    For attacking i have:
    Golden earring +2 x 2
    Plat ring +2 x 2
    Lupus +7 (offhand)

    The only reason i even have the attack stuff is to do monster stones quickly...NOT FOR PVP.

    Sadly, it looks like at lvl 80, 1 point into int is worth 4ap. Is it any better at lvl 83?

    I got the adaga for the jamadar defense and the ruahue for elemental resist mostly (plus being an int priest kinda sucks and i like to attack pve stuff once in a while). The IN and the glass would be for Dagger defense. I'm trying to be well rounded, but wondering if that's just going to leave me weak against everything.

    Should i ditch the Cleric Ears and just go with WSE+2 or go Lilime+2 for the HP or bronze earrings+3?

    Is a Gabs Adamant better than Adaga? It leaves me wide open against jamadars though.
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