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INT Priest DLW Guide

This is a discussion on INT Priest DLW Guide within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Enjoy, credits to Bobby aka Yatta. Thought I should post it since he didn't. DLW Priest Guide...
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    Enjoy, credits to Bobby aka Yatta.
    Thought I should post it since he didn't.

    DLW Priest Guide

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    Oh neat, thanks canz.

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    Nice guide, probabl really helpful for some more unexperienced players

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    i cant go to officiel forum, banned from ther because i was swearing when they banned my friends acount for no reason.

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    Someone on ko4life had a post about what they should do with their DLW priest and I wrote up a thorough answer for him. Looking back on it I decided that it could be pretty helpful for anyone starting up a DLW priest, or for anyone looking to modify their current DLW priest. To many this will be common knowledge but it has the potential to help someone as it already has.

    This guide doesn't really address how to play, its more of a guide that describes the best way to stat (my opinion) and the different possible builds you can use and some of their advantages and disadvantages. This guide is also a work in progress and any suggestion/criticisms are welcomed. This guide also aims at the newer servers without the non chitin weapon defense armors. If you're in an older server with those weapon defense armors, you can certainly still use this and you won't be at much of a disadvantage. I aim at a specific way to stat your priest and I cover multiple ways of skilling it. I don't go into much about other ways to stat because in my opinion there is not a better way than this. If you find it difficult to find something specific, try to ctrl-f and type it in and you should be brought to it. Anyway, on with the show...

    This will require a decent amount of money, patience, and time, specifically for one piece of armor denoted by a *

    Stat 162 INT, 99 STR, rest hp.

    Your armor with this will be

    FP+8 pads boots gloves helm
    Chitin Goblin Pauldron*
    DD+6 Helmet

    For your shield, the highest + dread you're able to afford. You can stat one more point into str for a Dol +6, but in the long run you should really strive for a Dread +6 or higher. You will want to get either a lobo or lycaon as your mace. Both offer good resistances and hp.

    I didn't include this before but since I'm telling you to get all this stuff I really should tell you whats on them too. I'll assume you'll put hp on your armor.

    FP Helmet +8- 15 Health, 72 def, 97 str 150 int required
    FP Pads Pads +8- 15 Health, 95 def, 99 str 154 int required
    FP Gauntlets +8- 15 Health, 48 def, 93 str 142 int required
    FP Boots +8- 15 Health, 48 def, 95 str 146 int required
    Chitin Goblin Pauldron- 10 Health, 50 HP, 124 def , 16FR 16GR 16LR, 90 str 160 int required
    Chitin DD +6 Helmet- 13 DD, 79 def, 96 str 162 int required
    DOL +5- 202 def, 13 Repel, 11 DD AW, 90 HP 90 MP, 98 required
    Dread +6- 345 def, 4 HP, 7 DD 15 AX 15 SD, 25FR 25LR, 90 required
    Lobo+6- 54ap, 10 MP Absorb, 17 DEX 15 MP 6 HP 6 INT, 155HP, 45LR, 94int 69str required
    Lycaon +6- 77ap, 10 MP Absorb, 17 STR 6 HP 6 INT, 45FR 45GR 45LR, 94int 71str required

    All stats were found at If you are interested in seeing the stats of said items or different items, everything can be found there.

    The priest Chitin Goblin Pauldron is a pretty rare and possibly expensive piece, but it is the piece that makes this build possible and for that it is an absolutely necessary piece. It gives you the AC of a +6 chitin pauldron, a 10 health bonus, an extra 50 hp, and 16 resistances to fire glacier and lightning and resists are especially important as an INT priest because you are useless to yourself and your party if you are stunned. Now that sounds like an amazing pauldron right? Well here is the best part; it only requires 90 Str and 160 Int. Now you can stat for FP 8 for that amazing hp boost and still have a Pauldron with incredible Ac, not to mention its other amazing stats.

    In my opinion it offers the best balance in Hp, Ac, and allows you to wear a good shield and have a bit of DD. On a level 59 priest with quest accessories and a dol +5, you're able to have nearly 3k hp unbuffed and over 1k ac with a 300 ac buff. A chitin 7 build will offer you about 50 more ac, but nearly 1000 less hp. Its easier and less expensive, but it really isn't what is best for your character.

    Most people know what uniques to get, but I'll mention them briefly.

    If money is tight, strive for...

    Dual WSE/CE +0
    Elemental Pendant
    Dual ROM's
    Kek Belt

    If money isn't tight...

    Dual SSE/CE + 1
    Iron Neck or EP +1/2
    Iron or Glass Belt
    Dual ROL

    I would first and foremost try to get a defense belt. Nothing will benefit you more than another 10 weapon defense to dagger and 10 more to some others. If you're able to save for one, a skele belt is extremely beneficial and isn't very expensive. It gives you 10 dagger, spear and club defense which is almost the only weapons you'll see in ardream. People using swords and axes are getting less ap from their weapon so they won't hit you fairly hard. Of course if money isn't an issue for you then an iron or glass belt is best, but for most people it definitely is so a skele is a great way to take the edge off of peoples hits.

    If you are able to get a skele and a dol or dread +5, you're looking at 30 dd or more with this build, over 4k hp buffed, and over 1k ac, and thats without rols and sse's.

    I'll post the rest of the guide in the next post because with it in this one I'm not able to preview or post


    What you choose mostly depends on what you want to do and what your clan needs.

    The key thing you need to know is how many skill points are required for the skills you would be using most...

    57 buff - 1500 Buff
    54 buff - Undying
    51 buff - 200 AC
    45 buff - Fresh Mind
    57 heal - Party 960 Heal
    45 heal - 1920 Heal
    36 heal - 960 Heal
    57 debuff - Torment
    54 debuff - 30st Rez
    45 debuff - Parasite
    42 debuff - 10st Rez
    33 debuff - 4st Rez
    27 debuff - Reverse Life (not sure about your server, but in mine most people are on buffs)
    3 debuff - Malice

    There are other things such as mana sweep, restores and such that you will get if you stat for those things but I can't remember their requirements off the top of my head. At lvl 59 you have 100 skill points to use.

    With that being said, the builds you could use (but aren't limited to) are...
    Buff / Heal / Debuff
    57 40 3 - Gives you 1500 buff, 200 ac, 960 heal, malice
    0 45 45 - Gives you 1920 heal, parasite, malice, reverse life
    0 57 43 - Gives you 960 party heal, malice, 10st rez, reverse life
    0 43 57 - Gives you torment, para, malice, 960 heal, 30st rez, reverse life
    54 45 0 - Gives you Undying, 200 ac, 1920 heal
    In the 45/45 heal debuff one you'll have 10 more skill points, and you can put them in heal (better restore) or debuff (30 st rez) depending on where you want it.

    My suggestion.. If you want to be able to be behind the scenes keeping everyone alive and get in the action at times, go for the 3rd build. With a decent party a 960 party heal is a good chunk of hp and you don't have to be terribly close to anyone to have it affect them. You also can throw a malice every now and then and a reverse life. If you can't get scrolls, you can go buff heal. You should have enough hp for undy with the build I gave you, but the Undying/1920 heal build doesn't have any debuffs, plus not many other people will benefit from undying. Honestly, you should always use scrolls and tell whoever you're pking with to use them too. Its far too tedious curing everyone and rebuffing everyone.

    The best build in my opinion is the 2nd one I mentioned. 1920 heal / Parasite / malice are 3 of the most useful skills a priest has. A 1920 heal in ardream is god mode nearly. A skill that lowers the hp of players who already have pretty low hp is just a catalyst for np gain, as well as a skill that lowers the defense of players who already have low ac. You also get reverse life which is pretty much another parasite in Ardream since not many people use scrolls. And you get various restores, rezzes, and other things you'll find useful at times. Rezzing is VERY useful in pk if you don't have a mage. If you're fighting a party in bowl and one of your main damage dealers die, give him a quick 4 stone and its like he will still be there to fight with you.

    If you have other int priests in the clan find out what their skilled for and pick something that compliments it. A good combination is someone with torment and another with 960 party heal. When fighting an individual, the healer malices, the tormentor parasites, and the guy is a one hit.

    Try a few of them out and find whats best for you and for your clannies. Try to pick something that best fits your and your clan's pk style

    More stuff added in the official post by people who contributed.


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