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Iron Set vs Dex uniques

This is a discussion on Iron Set vs Dex uniques within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Hello all, Recently I've decided to attempt building a dcz rogue as a last result. I'm in the process of ...
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    Hello all,

    Recently I've decided to attempt building a dcz rogue as a last result.
    I'm in the process of getting items, and I'm not sure if its more beneficial to remain a tank or go for more AP.
    I have both an IN and IB. Would it be better to trade/sell both and get WP+2/3 and Elf Belt+2/3 for more Dex/AP
    or is it better to keep the extra 20% weapon defense?

    I want to be able to take down any enemy without an issue, but I'm not sure if an Iron set will keep me from being able to reach that goal. Here are the items I'm considering getting/Already have:

    Elf Belt +3

    That's all I'll need, since I have the Iron Set.
    Also, I play on Ares, most geared people are +2/+3 <_<
    Lol whats the point in keeping ib when u&#39;ll be using 1 skillbar to kill ur opponent ^^ But if on ares theres a lot mages i&#39;d say like most ppl here wp+3.

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    wp+2 and skelly would be good... since ur ressistance suck :S
    but yea get better armors... atleast chitin+8 set or combination of chitins+8/fp+9 if u cant afford a whole fp+9 set

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    +1 to error.

    i had a friend try using iron set vs wp +2 and skelly (he had quite a good mh combo) and the wp +2 and skele was better.

    the mana u get from wp +2 is awesome helps a lot for mh comboing, the dex, resists and AC are also amazingly good

    Skele belt covers all the neccesary weapon defences that u&#39;ll need... the most common 3 weapons are clubs daggers and spear, and all of which appear on the skele belt. Best thing is that the 50% accuracy thingy.. helps miss less on "r" damages, and the 30 GR is also quite good.

    but if u want to keep at least 1 of the irons, go for the belt, cuz wp +2/3 definately is better than IN for ardream rogue id say

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    wp3>IN by far o_O but it depends on what you prefer more on the belt, either IB or skele

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