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This is a discussion on Judgment within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; I got an INT priest, 102 str, 123 hp, 172 int. Should I even bother with getting judgment? The most ...
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    Default Judgment

    I got an INT priest, 102 str, 123 hp, 172 int.

    Should I even bother with getting judgment? The most I ever farm solo is worms to get keys, but I suppose I could try something bigger if I actually can kill anything bigger (which I sort of doubt).

    Weapon, lupus +0. Pretty much only play as support, but was thinking it might be fun to solo something if possible.

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    Well only if you have nothing better to do with your skill points. I mean if you are going to get the 5 or 10 in master for the dmg reductions then you will get it anyway. Otherwise just put on your main skills. Btw I think that judgement isnt that bad in pk even for int priest. You take some book with you and when the situation lets you to attack put it on + str30 and try to ks. 2-300 more dmg on enemy = faster death. And you can get maybe some ks kill too which is fun + it has great effect
    Oh and you wont be able to solo any really bigger thing. Maybe dogs...
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    I used to solo Stone golems with a level 54 int priest. Yeah it takes a while, but it can be done. And yeah you can still do some damage during pk

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    As an int priest u have a high def plus whatever skills, buff/db/, pretty much u can solo a lot of mobs, but it will take FOREVER!, plus it could really be a waste of, just go ahead and follow the advice of holaci and have fun trying ti ks while pking

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    All I would do is stay intel, get the damage reductions in Master, and have fun with judgement since you will get it getting the damage reduction. As an intel priest, the only way to do damage without haveing to much STR or amazing gear is just simply being 80+

    Sure, having judgment allows you to "Attack" but it really depends what your view on "Attacking" is. If killin 1 monster every minute is attacking then sure, but if not, don't even waste the money for the scroll unless you get a good 1 handed weapon, and be good, i mean VERY good since you lack STR as an intel priest.


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