Ap whore out your lvl 82 warrior and go passion
75 passion and 70 attack
Most ap whore warriors should get up to around 3k base ap
With that build u hit more than fully passion
Break 4k ap easy

Krowaz 7
Opals 3 or minos 3
Daimonds 3
Raptor : ii : ms 9
Sash3 ..... Might as well cause ur hp would be crap lol

That's about 3500+ base ap I believe but hp would be around 5.9 k base prolly won't break 6k hp but not sure with shell9 lol ....... 5k hp but ap base maybe 3800ish

With ap scroll enchant red pot and lvl 75 passion skill used 5k+ ap easy
down side you are a 3 hit when duffed