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Leveling for Mages

This is a discussion on Leveling for Mages within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; My friend is a lvl 35 mage which just started on C-west just recently. I'm just here to ask, what ...
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    My friend is a lvl 35 mage which just started on C-west just recently.
    I'm just here to ask, what are the most effective/cost-efficient means of leveling from lvls 35-59?
    hes going to be staying in ardream i believe. At the moment hes really poor with
    T3 Quest armour/monster jewellry and Mithril staff +7/56 and his skill build is Fire/Glacier.

    Any suggestions/tips would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    AOE at the graveyard.
    Always mages there. And if you are 50/55+ go CZ and kill harpies.
    Iam not sure, but I think its fine.

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    zombies for sure also if u have 2 or 3 mages 50+ u should try trees in ronark base

    its realy good spot,first time I saw it I was like "its heaven" xD

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    It would be cool if you get mage clan or try to get some ppl togehter who know how to play mage than you can go like that : graveyard , rlb ancients/treants, cz harpys (on carnac ppl rush theme rather rarly) than when every1 is like 62-65 you can try to make dk 1 and 2 spot, when you get 70 try 3 spots. thats how i was going to do but my clannies took me to dk on 58 xD

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    Ive leveled 4 mages to 60 and have a lvl 45 on c-west that im lvling.

    The fastest lvling solo by far (until 60 at least) is uruk hai until 40, then blades then trons . U need Trans Scrolls, and full paper is best. No waiting for party, buffer, dc's all that crap, but u got to pay attention cause they 1 hit you.

    With a party, 4 spot harpies> cz harpies (cz is better but getting raped by 80s slows it down too much to be better than 4 spot) > graveyard stuff and whatever else u can pull into a group...


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