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Lvl 69 INT Priest

This is a discussion on Lvl 69 INT Priest within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; I'm bringing my ardream INT priest to lvl 69 for the new expansion. I'm playing in the server Manes. Right ...
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    I'm bringing my ardream INT priest to lvl 69 for the new expansion. I'm playing in the server Manes. Right now, his gear is this:

    Chitin Helmet +4 DD
    FP+7/12 HP set
    Kite Shield +8/15 HP
    40 Spear D Shield
    Lycaon Pendant +1
    All other jewels quest ones. the Warrior versions that priests get.

    I'm stated at lvl 57 like so:

    105 STR
    158 INT
    Rest HP

    And finally, my skill set-up is 1500 Buff/960 Heal/Malice


    Now, for Ardream this build works beautifully for me. I can run as a solo priest in party or with clan and do very well. I rarely die and when I do it takes a good many orcs to do it. This may or may not be surprising to you considering my gear/server. Most of the time I'm running with a clannie priest that is stated and geared almost identically to me but is skilled for Torment/960 Heal. So we balance really well and can function as a unit or independantly as needed. (i.e. the duffer doesnt go duff-happy like many duffers and actually heals as a priority.)

    However, for 60+ pk a change in gear is badly needed. lol. This is what I'm looking at doing/having by lvl 69 but I'd like to have some ppl look at it and give me some input. NOTE: This is a secondary character and thus does not control a large portion of my budget.

    106 STR
    188 INT
    Rest HP

    60 Buff (for 300 AC)
    60 Heal (for party heals)
    No Master or Malice

    Shell +1 Reverse set
    +7 DD Chitin Helmet
    Dread Shield +6
    Lycaon Hammer +6 or +7
    Cleric Earring +1 or +2
    White Silver Earring
    Dual RoMs to start..Dual RoLs eventually
    Belt of Life +1 or Light Belt of Life +0
    Elemental Pendant +0
    Eventually a Weapon D set of Chitin in addition to the DD helmet
    HP Valks

    Now, my duffer friend will be doing essentially the exact same thing except having the skill set-up of 60 Duff/60 Heal/No Master. The only drawbacks that I, myself, see with this is a lower amount of HP than with a FP or Chitin build, the lack of malice, and the lack of judgement and absolutness. I like defense. That's why I'm not going FP or chitin. I can deal with not having malice. Judgement wont matter because I wont be attacking. The only thing i'm worried about is the lack of Absoluteness. With my gear set up, will I do fairly well even without it or....?

    Thanks in advance for the opinions.

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    Ull do fine im pretty sure, with the ds u should have a shitload of ac. I only would take ac valks instead of hp but its just what u prefer .
    And i wouldnt buy a belt of life or ligght belt of life. Id rather safe for a skelly belt or something with wep def.

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    umm just a note. dont get shells its possibly the worst build you can ever go. lol go 172 int, 102 str and rest hp. with those accesories and sheild you will do well.

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    all your gear will work fine, but as other poster suggested definately go chitin +7/8 if u eventually can afford it. only 38 ac difference between shell and chitin +7, you will end up with more hp, but its entirely up to you. and about the absoluteness, i was debuffer int priest from 60-70 all thru border wars and i never had absoluteness as i was too much of a tight ass to restat, and my gear was fairly simiar to what you want to get in the future, and i was hard enough to kill with out the master defence skills. pm me ingame vigi

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    Question - does Manes have wep defence armours (paper)?
    Have you considered going G2 HP defence if possible it's cheaper ?

    Anyways, I'd stat as 164 INT (or w/e it is for chitin dd +7 helmet) if no defence armours. Enough STR for decent shield and rest into HP

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    Wooo... shell is a NO NO... you are wasting too much stats into INT for Shell set.... my advice would be for you to go Chitin Build... Best Build for INT Support Priest or INT BP.... If you can...try to obtain Chitin+8s

    Try getting a Warrior Pendant + a Skeleton Belt

    get Defense Valks rather than HP Valks

    Rest of your Gears are fine


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