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Lvl 69 Light mage item help (C-west)

This is a discussion on Lvl 69 Light mage item help (C-west) within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; So, I have this lvl 69 mage that I am going light with. The items I have curretly is just ...
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    Default Lvl 69 Light mage item help (C-west)

    So, I have this lvl 69 mage that I am going light with. The items I have curretly is just an iron set, and exlixer +1 reb that i'm changing from flame to light.

    I have about 7gbs to spend on the rest of the game. I am pretty sure imirs +1 are about 600m so that will be my main goal, I might even have a little more then 7gbs, not sure. Then I gotta get armor and then i'm decently ok. (I have quest and noob other accesories)

    Problem is, I don't wanna play support but I'm not sure that going complete build will do much dmg. I have only played support light mages so i'm not familiar with the total dmg it can produce.

    I played a GG flame mage and I was linen build and I could hold my own without dying with an EP +2, glass belt and a +5 paper DD, (and ofc other items) but i'm not sure if JUST an iron set and chaotic will do enough to 1. keep me alive and or 2. do enough dmg.

    Any suggestions on a build (I am also going ardream but if complete build is better, i'll do that.)

    Thanks in advance (And i'm not really going to sell my iron set unless I REALLY need to for better gear or what ever, but keep that as a last resort. ty.

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    wow i suggest you to get get a glass belt instead iron belt ( it gives you 10 Int Bonus Wich is around 350-450 mana), + sell your iron neck ( get a EP or WP +2/+1 would be better).

    my question if you are going to stay on RBL or u gonna exp to go ronark land ? .

    If You're going to stay at RBL , go to Complete Build and get a Hell Blood or Woe (if you're going flame) or Elysium (if you're going Lighting) , elixir is a useless staff personally i dont like it <.<.

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    You will see more damage with an Elysium. Also you could probably get "old" accessories for your earrings/rings so that could save you there. If you hate switching out def armors then just keep iron set ^.^ If not i would really consider glass belt. Only go for EP if you can get a +3

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    Actually for rlb you don't need to much to get kills, focus on imirs cuz you will need some stun, elixir suxx, so try to get a LE or Elisyum+7+8, I like iron set for mages + wep defenses, surely it will help you a lot in RLB.

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    Glass belt, ep+1, old sse's, imirs+1, complete set+7 and elysium+7 and ur good


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