I'm thinking of getting a lvl 80 priest for cz. I've got most of the gear, but still need to get some other parts. This is what I was thinking of doing. Any input would be appreciated.

25 DD Full plate DD helm
Chitin goblin pauldron
Chitin goblin pads
Full plate +9 hp gauntlets
Full plate +9 hp boots

Shield and weapon:
Gab's Adamant +7 or Dread shield +8
Holy Animor +6

Bronze earring +1
old secret silver earring
iron necklace
skeleton belt
old ring of life
agate ring +2

I'm actually leaning towards the gab +7 cause of all the wep def. According to kok my unbuffed stats would be:

hp: 6203
def: 1013
fr: 92
lr 112
ir: 122

wep def:
dd: 70
sword: 40
axe: 40
club: 50
spear: 50
arrow: 10

How well do you think this build would hold up on ares? Thanks in advance.