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lvl 80 tank warrior

This is a discussion on lvl 80 tank warrior within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; any1 ever skilled 80 points def, shell+7/8 with hp and and just enuf points on str that u can wear ...
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    any1 ever skilled 80 points def, shell+7/8 with hp and and just enuf points on str that u can wear these shells? maybe SS and Giga 1h. i can imagine that would be alot of fun. problem is u cant kill any1.
    or just take flame talia and tank towers with a ass full HP and flame resis =)

    i will try it out if i just reach lvl 80.

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    post the results pls could be fun

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    Admittedly a build such as that would be fun, I'd be bored quick as hell though. You wouldn't kill for shit and everyone would ignore you, albeit you could stand in opposite base spamming abyss pots for a VERY LONG time.

    BUT, why not just make a HP build (dual wield) warrior. Lugias/Javana+7 (202 str req I think) - HP Shells - HP / STR / Resist uniques

    That way at 80 you'd have 202 str + 215hp which would be massive. I'm HP build at 76 (233/164 or something) and have about 4600 base atm (25.1 hp per health point). So HP shells, roc, roc, iron set, dual sse or something should see you with decent ap and still around 9-10k hp scrolled

    If you want to try shits and giggles build go for it. Get a dread shield though, HP shells and use the 75 skill.. You'd get around 8k ac for a short while ^_^

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    me and my friend tried the def build on lvl 80 warrior, with shield and lvl 75 def skill warrior had a bit over 6k defense...was funny to see strongest warrior hit me with 150 dmg but ppl learn fast and pretty soon they started to avoid me...and you cant do shit to them except useless build

    i would like to try 70 attack/75defense...but you need lvl 83 for this and im so lazy xD

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    there was a movie of lvl 80 warrior using lvl 80 deff skill called GhostEvil from xigenon, maybe u will find it somewhere here:


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