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Mage item question

This is a discussion on Mage item question within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; I forgot you had so many points into strength On my mage I can only carry 40 of each, so ...
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    I forgot you had so many points into strength
    On my mage I can only carry 40 of each, so any strength I can add from either my accessories or putting on a woe7 while repotting helps tons.

    Good luck

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    1625.0 Weight !! More than enough ^^

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    When I was tank build with crimsons, I had like 1k ac with 6-7k hp on a 75 mage. Now this is with no uniques. If your high enough level and you REALLY REALLY want to be a beast at tanking, I suggest crimson build. As for the shio, I don't believe it helps that much and even so, slow rate is so high now that if you cast all your aoes on one spot, only the tbl editors should come out of it at full speed. I know personally that if I casted 70 nova, 60 nova, blizzard, I could be pretty much assured that whoever was hit by all three is definitely slowed (cept for tblers). Not to mention instant recast on one of those novas if your level 75.

    So I'd say go crimson build, keep the GE as I believe it has very low MP requirements, change the shio for dual ROL or dual ROM whichever you can afford. WP is good for support/tank mage since geting slowed or stunned really diminishes your ability to tp dieing members of your party around (After all, no use tping your friend 2 meters further back, He'll probably lag enough that it'll cost him time). If you get an EP +1 then depending on your preference you might use it instead of WP. EP+2 > WP hands down. Gb is the pwn so keep that. Don't need IN so much./

    Most of your uniques are fine except the rings and that I believe you should go crimson build, but hey thats just me.

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    You have to consider that I will stay 59 adn the I have limited stat points left, since I also got 71 Str points ^^

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    look into duel rol, ep+1/2 <- will be much better.
    im not a fan of the 51/48 skill set up but its up to you

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